Thursday, April 27, 2017

Do you eat yogurt? Have you looked at the ingredients? Is it "Deb Approved?"

If your yogurt says, "sugar, high fructose corn syrup, evaporated cane juice, brown sugar, maple syrup, molasses, agave nectar, maltodextrin, splenda, sucrose or honey," I recommend that you try making  my "Deb Approved" version without any added sugar/chemicals. I know it is more work and is not as easy to take to work but if you make a big bowl of it, you can put it in little Tupperware containers and take them with you to work/gym, etc. It will last at least a whole week,  if not more,  in the refrigerator. The added sugars (please let me know if you find a flavored non-fat yogurt WITHOUT added sugar) is only going to make your body crave more sugar and it  could leave you more hungry than when you started eating it. I am not against a small amount of stevia (a root that is being used as a natural sweetner), at this point, but that could change as more research comes out about the product. I also recommend the non-fat due to the high amount of saturated fat in the 2% and full-fat yogurt. So, if you want to go with a very clean (no added sugar, chemicals, bad fats) yogurt, try my "Deb Approved"  yogurt parfait. Please let me know what you think!!!

Monday, April 24, 2017

Heather's Food Log #11- How much olive oil/salad dressing should I use? Is coffee a treat?

Hey Heather,
I do try to see the positive sides of life and struggles, etc. but I also try to be realistic...and when I see how much you have and are improving...and how hard you are working at this...and how much you want it...yet, I l know you have forces greater than you also pushing on you (depression/chemical imbalances)...I need you to see what I see...because I know how hard you can be on yourself (I am the same way with myself) and we need to make sure to see all the good sides...I know you are seeing them as well...but I am just going to share what I see from my side...and I see so much good in what you are doing. I KNOW...sappy...but soooo true!!! :)
Right????? Goddess dressing???? Good enough to drink!!! So...I have learned that olive oil and the dressings can get a little out of hand. I have a heavy hand with them, too and I realized a while ago that if I just drizzle...instead of actually is just as tasty and does not need much more. I use sea salt, garlic, pepper, etc. and that makes it even better. So, just see if you can drizzle and find the amount that is tasty without a heavy pour. Also, the goddess dressing comes in a "lite" BUT I think it is just that they added more water because it comes out kinda gloppy...but it is half the calories than the regular...just sayin'...heheee. I would stick with the regular one and just use the drizzle method.
So...If I asked you to not have a treat every day...but once a week...what would you say? If I asked you to have a treat every day but just in the early afternoon...what would you say? if I asked you if you are someone who is better off having a treat everyday...or once a week...or just staying away from them until special occasions...what would you say?

I think the hardest part of the "treats" is the coffee. If I didn't count coffee as a treat, then I could totally do once a week. But is that going to mess up the whole system? It's just hard to think about coffee once a week, and then no other treats. 

9am - 2pcs Ezekiel bread w/ PB

12pm - Lara bar 

1:30pm - vanilla latte 

2:00pm - handful of almonds to tide me over since I'd be late on my next meal 

4:00pm - quinoa bowl w/ beans, kale, tomatoes, hummus and goddess dressing. 

6:00 coffee w/ 2% milk and a little sugar (Sam's aunt's special coffee) 

7:00pm - handful of almonds 

10:00pm - 2 hard-boiled eggs 

Did today's food work for you with feeling satisfied and satiated? It seemed a little light on food...but if you felt satisfied and satiated...then that is great!!!
Coffee is not a bad is what we put in the coffee!!! Have you tried liquid stevia drops? I wonder if that with whole milk and vanilla extract would taste good? If you find something like that where you can enjoy the taste and feel satisfied...that would be great. If not...let's keep playing around with coffee ideas. Does it have to be hot?

Yeah I felt great today. Lunch especially was really filling. I even deep cleaned my whole house, so I was moving-- but not hungry. I mean I was hungry when my meal times came, but didn't feel un-fulfilled. When I'm sleeping in later it's weird to have such a late lunch, and then eat a big dinner. 
If I make coffee at home, it's super easy to make it normal and have some almond milk. That's great. It's when I want a latte from my favorite shop. I can try with 2% milk (all they have) and do the stevia drops instead of vanilla. Is that a "non-treat"?

That is great that you felt so good and had good energy...I love hearing that!!! And...hungry when you were supposed to cool is that???? heheheeee. :)
Yes...a regular coffee with 2% milk and stevia drops is a normal coffee...I have one every morning and I love it!!! I hope you like it...and can feel like it is a treat...even though it is just a good ole' coffee. I am so excited to see you tomorrow...sweet dreams...

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Why I Eat The Same Thing Every Night For Dinner

Yes, this is how I buy my broccoli. In bulk. And frozen. Why? Because I eat a bag of broccoli a night along with a good amount of lean protein (mostly chicken) seasoned with olive oil, garlic and sea salt. And I eat that pretty much every night. Why? Because, for me, it is so much easier to know ahead of time that I have a base of excellent nutrients (broccoli) along with good protein (chicken) and good fat (olive oil and MCT oil.) This process, for me, eliminates the anxiety of trying to figure out what to eat when I get home. Having the frozen broccoli always ready in my freezer (research shows that frozen fruits and vegetables are just as nutrient dense as fresh and sometimes even better depending on how long the fresh produce has been sitting in the store) and having prepared the chicken over the weekend for the week allows me to relax each night. Do I get bored eating the same thing each night? Of course!!! So, what do I do??? Here is my theory: broccoli covers the nutrients and chicken covers my protein, so that is my base which stays the same. THEN, to make sure I do not get bored, I change the TASTE/FLAVOR. I have realized by my own experience and with my clients, the key to not getting bored is changing flavor and taste. When I come home, I ask myself, "What do my taste buds want?" Now, the way I prepare my chicken and broccoli is not going to win any prizes for presentation but it tastes great. I put the bag of chopped broccoli in a bowl and microwave for 5 minutes. I do not use water and I do not overcook it. You can steam it in a steamer, too. I chop a large chicken breast and put that in the bowl with the broccoli. Then comes the fun part, I choose one of the following:
1. Olive oil (MCT oil,) garlic powder, sea salt

2. Olive oil (MCT oil,) milled flax seed, sea salt 

3. Annie's "goddess" dressing

4. Sun dried tomatoes in garlic and olive oil, sea salt

5. Jalapeño slices, olive oil (MCT oil,) chopped tomato, garlic powder, sea salt

6. Non-fat plain Greek yogurt, olive oil (MCT oil,) garlic powder, sea salt, lemon juice. This is like a creamy tzatziki sauce.

7. Trader Joe's Tuscan Italian salad dressing

8. Annie's shiitake mushroom vinaigrette

I have been made fun of how I eat for years. But I know what works for me and how to keep my body functioning on the right "fuel." If I have too many choices, it is overwhelming. Keeping it simple, tasty and convenient is what works for me. And with my clients, I help them find what works for them. That is the key to making this work for a lifetime. Find the way to eat healthy and enjoy the process, FOR YOU. I am here to help, so please leave your questions and thoughts.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

One Solution For Making Sure You Are Fueled And Ready To Go...

Hey Fabulous Followers,
I have a new personal training client who is looking to build lean muscle, burn body fat, have more energy and get as healthy and fit as possible. She is turning 50 in 2 years and knows it is time to make some positive changes in her health and lifestyle. I told her how important it is to come to our training sessions fueled with "deb approved" food, making sure some of it was good protein which will feed and grow her lean muscle. I told her that muscle is where our fat is burned, so we want to make sure to give our bodies what it needs to build and maintain the beautiful, lean muscle so our bodies become fat-burning machines. She texted me 5 hours before her appointment and said she would make sure to come "fueled and ready to go." Guess what??? We were 5 minutes into our session and when I asked her what she ate, she looked at me with these wide, open eyes and gasped, "oh, darn...I forgot to eat!!!" She got sooooooo busy at work that she just ran right over to the gym and did not have time to stop and get something to eat. So, here is the point to this blog post: PUT "DEB APPROVED" NON-PERISHABLE  FOOD IN THE TRUNK OF YOUR CAR. OR IN YOUR GYM BAG AND HAVE IT THERE  AT ALL TIMES!!!! I have been doing this for years. It has saved me millions of times from stopping at a store and having to waste my money on something full of sugar and crap just to get some "fuel." And/or going to my workout/anywhere on an empty stomach and having all the bad effects later from not being correctly fueled. Here is a picture from yesterday after my workout. My car might be a little messy but it is full of "deb approved" good fuel for my body. Do you want more ideas for "deb approved" fuel to keep in your car?" Or do you have ideas you want to share? I would love to hear them!!!

Monday, April 17, 2017

Heather's Food Log #10- food planning creates a sense of purpose when dealing with depression


9:30 2 PC Ezekiel bread with PB. no yogurt, was not feeling like eating at all. Had to force myself to eat the bread.

12:30 quinoa bowl w/ hummus, black beans, pumpkin kernels and broccoli. And olive oil. :-) very yummy.

2:30 a scoop of hummus with veggies

4:00 smoothie w/ cherries mango almond milk yogurt and protein powder

I know I should've eaten another meal - but I've been in bed since 7:30pm and never got up to eat. Had to talk myself out of lots of treats today. Emotionally a pretty dull / rough day.

Water 1.5 liters.

Hopefully tomorrow is a better day.

I am so sorry you are feeling so low. I am just sooooo proud of you for eating such good foods at a time when I know you might not want to. Your lunch sounds mouth is watering!!!
How was the smoothie? Did you feel satisfied with the sweet and cold? I do like 

Thursday, April 13, 2017


Please look for the new addition on my blog. Scroll down the left column to RECIPE ARCHIVES. Click on the recipe and you will be sent to that page. Please leave any questions or comments or suggestions for new recipes. Thank you for joining me and enjoy the yummy, healthy food.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Heather's Food Log #9


Oh my friend!!!! Yep...right now there is a lot going on with you physically and mentally so it is hard to navigate which is related to what ...right??? So, the adventure continues...with the most important part of all...PATIENCE!!!!! Even though we said 3  weeks...we know this is a life process of figuring out how to eat healthy, exercise, enjoy friends and family, parties and work functions...for life. So...we have more than 2 weeks to work on this.  And when we go to the grocery store...we will find soooooo many new awesome foods for you. I do think that the meds and the depression and the situation at Thanksgiving and giving up sugar and other foods that have been sources of comfort and having to think about all of the choices is a lot for you...and I get it...and I understand. kind to yourself and know that you are on overload and the wanting to retreat and comfort...AND the wanting to go out and socialize ...AND feeling all the feelings you are feeling...and NOT feeling is confusing and again...overwhelming. This is the transition time...for the medication...and for the eating/exercise. And transitions are the hard part. Once you get through gets hang on...I am holding your hand through this so please feel me with you. :)
I Love that you got the salad and know that is a big change...and that is something to be proud of. Do you think some of the choices are rebellious? If so, what do you think that might be about? I definitely have experienced that in my life with food...and it is such a weird phenomenon because I always realized AFTER the fact that I was the only one who ended up getting "hurt" by the choice. But I was very aware that I was acting out. 
I wonder if the almonds as a snack are not satisfying or satiating enough. Could you add some dried apples or dried apricots (both with no added sugar...they are both very nutritious and can be found without added sugar) to the almonds. Eat more almonds than the fruit...but I think you need something more for the snack. Or maybe try the RX bar..they are very good!!!
Keep making those salads...that is awesome!!! Let me know what you think about all of this...hugs!!!!

Interesting about rebellion. I don't think so - but maybe it is? 
I think emotionally I feel stuck and tired. So that is making my willpower lower -- was it dumb to try to tackle this while I'm still getting a grip on my depression? On one hand, maybe it is keeping me off the deep end. On another, it feels like another overwhelming area. I find myself not caring, even though I know I do care, I just can't be bothered to give it energy from what feels like such a small resource of energy. 

I think it is the right time because good, healthy food is what we need to survive and thrive. You do not have to be perfect with this...but I think if you can be patient...go slow...stay exercising one day a week with me...keep logging your food...without too much will help keep you focused and help keep you on a healthy path. It might be too easy right now to just eat bad food and not get a lot of movement...and we both know that the best things for depression are movement/breathing and getting the right nutrients. I think you are doing the right thing by continuing the great job that you have started on this journey to improving your health.

Saturday, April 8, 2017

To My Blog Followers:

To my wonderful followers,

I have decided to change the amount of posts/emails/food logs that will be sent out to those signed up. Instead of getting a new food log each day, I am going to be posting a new exchange every Monday morning. This goes along with the significance of the old line, "well, I am going to start my "diet" on Monday!!!" You can start your week by reading my exchange with my clients and getting ideas and strategies to implement for the week ahead. And this way, you will have something good to look forward to on Monday mornings. Thank you for all your support...



Heather's Food Log #8

This is an interesting article because they mention depression is a sign of zinc deficiency. It might be a good topic to bring up with your doctor.  Along with all the other topics...oy, she is going to hate me...heheeeee.

Interesting read - I did see it mentions a multi-vitamin, which I am not taking. Would that be a place to start? 

Also - my thyroid test came back normal. And they said all the nausea and digestive/bowl side effects I'm feeling are normal, but should suppress soon. 

I am very happy to hear the test came back normal!!! A good multi-vitamin can not hurt. I like the brand Super Nutrition...Woman's blend. I will send you the link. You can also ask your doctor if she has a brand she likes...or if she recommends one with Iron or taking extra Zinc. I do not feel comfortable giving you those specifics...but I do know the multi-vitamin can help. :)

10:30am 2pc Ezekiel bread w/ PB and 0% fage yogurt with fresh berries and cinnamon and almonds. I slept in pretty late today. I was tired, but overall not feeling like participating in life. Drug myself though a few tasks at the office.

12:30pm large PC of salmon w/ green beans and whole wheat crackers.

3:15pm handful of almonds

3:45pm - cinnamon and vanilla latte w/ skim milk. I fought myself on this one. It honestly was mostly that I was feeling sad and alone in my apartment. I wanted to have a reason to go out - and the grocery store or gym didn't excite me.

5:30pm drinks w/ clients - drank a hot buttered rum and ate a beer salad and one piece of bread with feta cheese and oil. -- the frustrating thing is, I had a plan. I packed food to eat at 6:30 after the drinks, so I had options, I just didn't choose it.

10:30pm 3 steak tacos with onion and cilantro on a corn tortilla. Small horchata.

Is this what the "lifestyle" part looks like? When I'm home I eat super clean, but I allow myself to take meetings and have treats? It's absolutely SO much better than I was doing. But is this a healthy place to have my goal be? Like I wouldn't have ordered the beer salad at dinner with Clients. So I know I'm doing better, but I don't know if this should be my goal. On the flip side, how much of this seems harder because of my depression? Normal tasks seem hard and life sucking. Though strangely I'm really enjoying exploring making up fun salads. :-)

Friday, April 7, 2017

Heather's Food Log #7

9am - 2 PC Ezekiel bread w/ PB and 0% fage yogurt w/ fresh raspberries and blueberries and cinnamon. 1 cup coffee w/ unsweetented vanilla almond milk

1pm handful of almonds

2pm 1 cup chicken noodle soup, 1 large piece of baguette w/ butter and a huge green salad (kale, spinach, watercress, cucumbers and lentils w/ green goddess dressing and almonds)

4pm - latte with whole milk, no sweetener

6pm - handful of almonds

7:45pm - 2 PC chicken with olive oil and spices. Salad with water crest, spinach kale and butter leaves, pumpkin kernels,. Fire roasted corn and celery with Annie's lemon dressing. Small side of brown rice (I know, too late in the day - but my meal felt incomplete --emotionally maybe?).

Timing was way off today. Sundays are harder for me as they are my days to be with friends and family and eat and socialize and nap and be off my rhythm. Especially as Sunday mornings I'm at church from 9-12 - I just forgot to bring my bad of snacks with me.

2 liters of water - when you say you want me to drink more water - how much more?

Is it realistic for me to say M-F I'll be super on it - and weekends are are but more flexible with the basic principles and lots of veggies still, but more lax on some of the items? Or do you think that's not sustainable?


I totally understand about the weekends. They are hard for me...and for the rest of my clients...and it is something that we all need to figure out how to deal with. For you, we will continue to pay attention to what works and what is challenging. With the challenges, we will fix them by the awareness of how you can be prepared with bringing snacks, etc. Your eating yesterday was great with the choices of even if the timing was a little off...keeping the food good, clean and healthy was awesome!!! The later starch might have been a craving due to less food during the day...meaning lunch did not have a ton of protein and might have left you a little hungrier later in the day. I LOVE that you did not use any sweetener in your coffee...:)
2 liters of water is great, for now. The other day you had 1.5 so I just wanted to make sure you get at least 2 liters per day. When you can increase it...the goal is 3 liters per day. But right now, 2 liters is perfect. So, let's keep paying attention to the weekends...without too much pressure to stay on the structured eating...and see how we can incorporate the relaxation/friends/family and healthy eating. Have a wonderful Monday...Hugs!!!

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Heather's Food Log #6

7:30am 2 PC Ezekiel bread w/ PB

10:30am lemon Lara Bar

12:00pm - great workout with youuuuu

1:30pm Blueberry raspberry strawberry banana coconut water w/ protein powder smoothie.

Pretty much all afternoon I was having mad cravings for something sweet. At the grocery store it took everything out of me to not get some fresh cookies.

3:30pm handful of almonds

6:45 large PC of salmon w/ dill and olive oil, side of sauteed kale and broccoli.

8:00 25 min walk.

9:30pm Lara bar

10:30pm - stopped at Arby's. 😬 I did really think about it before I got something. But I actually could hardly eat anything I ordered because it made me sick. Haha. So I had half a ham and cheese sandwich, like 4 fries and two bites of a turnover. So this is good for me to know next time I have cravings I can remind myself I didn't even really enjoy it.

Water- only 1.5 L

Today was the first day I really had to deal with cravings as intense as I did today. I think partially because I was in situations I hadn't planned for - whereas as when I'm eating with friends or eating out I've come in with a game plan. Maybe the cravings are higher due to my period as well?

The positive side, I'm glad I'm learning and really glad I've stopped making "treats" multiple times a day. The 60 min clip you mentioned talked about how with sugar you eat so much and then you have to eat more to get the same pleasure. I was def seeing that in my life. I'd want more and more of things - the daily coffee shop used to be a donut was a treat, then it was daily, then I wanted more than just a single donut. So even if I have occasional treats and splurges- I know big picture I'm doing so much better for my body and really being aware and on purpose when I do have a treat. I think that's a big shift for me -- and really what makes this a lifestyle rather than a crash diet.

Also - we forgot to talk about wine. I have a client Mtg for drinks Monday, so I'd like to know how to prepare for that.

Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuu.


Shit!!! We forgot the wine talk!!! Can you talk on the phone for a few minutes later today or tomorrow? It would not be a long talk...but it might be easier to explain my example of my own experience with wine...and also explain the options. If not, I will try and explain it in an email...:)

GREAT job with ARBY'S. That is what I love...when you cannot finish the foods that once we used to love and have no problem eating a ton of...or when it makes us sick. See, here is my masochistic (sp?) side again...heheheee. And remembering how this felt is what counts. Awesome!!!!

Sugar. Yep...sugar. Evil, white crap. Cocaine...but sugar is more addictive, they say...and it has been the force it has on our physiological bodies is intense.  So, it makes it very important to get to know how it affects your own body. As you go will see and feel what gives you the most intense cravings. I can feel that even when I have body starts craving more sugar. Some people feel that way...some do not. So, just pay attention. Were your cravings more intense after the shake...or before the shake? If after the shake, then you might want to have 2 scoops of protein to balance out the fruit. 
Please try and get more water!!! :)
Also, if you have any the documentary "Hungry for Change." It is also a great study on sugar and food.
Good luck this weekend at home. Just pay attention to whether you actually WANT the treats before you have them. If you are not CRAVING them...see if you can go without and just enjoy the company of your family without having to include the treats as part of the enjoyment. When I learned that I could be at holidays and parties with my friends without having to indulge in the foods/treats as a given/package/part-of-the-fun it was a relief because I did not feel stressed about having to be around the food without eating it...I knew I was there for the warmth of family and friends...the comfort of being with people I loved and the celebration of the holidays without feeling bloated and crappy...yet feeling fulfilled and satisfied with love in my belly!!!!! Keep up the great work!!!!Hugs...

Hey!!! I know you are busy with family...but I just wanted to check in and see how things are going. No pressure to write back right away...just thinking about you...:)

Hey! Thanks. Yesterday I actually felt pretty ill, slept a lot - but didn't eat very much. So I probably won't send a log as I have no idea the times or anything. Feeling a bit better today, still nauseated though. But just finished making s great salad to take to a friends house to have a healthy option.

Sorry you did not feel good yesterday but happy to hear you are feeling better today. I am so proud of you for thinking ahead and bringing a healthy salad tonight ...that is awesome!!! For tomorrow, with the wine...I suggest having one glass of red wine...and sipping it very slowly. Please have a lot of water as you are drinking the hydrate and to prevent yourself from drinking more than one glass (if you have more than one not worry about it...just see if you can stick to one.)  I will tell you my wine story when I see you Friday...:) Hugs!!!!!

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Heather's Food Log #5

7:00am 2 pc EB w/ PB and 0% Fage with cinnamon and whole almonds. 1 sm cup of coffee w/ unsweetened vanilla almond milk

8:00am 30 minute walk with pup! 

10:00am 1 pc EB w/ PB and a few baby carrots. 1 sm cup of coffee w/ unsweet vanilla almond milk

12:30pm Whole Wheat Pasta with black beans, olive oil + seasoning. Side of green beans. 

4:15pm half serving of turkey chili, brown rice and garbanzo beans (toooo long between this and lunch! but I was stuck at the pharmacy for an hour). 

6:30pm Chicken Apple sausage with sweet potatoes, onions and purple cabbage with olive oil and spices. I was not hungry, no appetite and super tired. Not depressed tired, like actually tired. Maybe period or meds? Ate the rest at 8:00pm.

Water = 2 liters

Question: Is wine okay?

Very loose bowels and nausea today - thinking side effects of the medicine I took for the first time.



Can you email your doctor and ask about side effects/digestive issues that might happen with the meds...just to lessen the questioning of your symptoms? I am sure you are getting tired of wondering what all these symptoms are...:)
I might ask you to add some chicken or ground turkey...or other animal protein to the pasta. It might help to satiate you at lunch time. Please try and always have some almonds or a Lara Bar with you in your purse for those times you are at the pharmacy. I totally understand how that happens!!!
Remember that sweet potato is a starch, so if you can use butternut squash...which is just as tasty and you can get it in the produce section already cut and in a bag you can steam in the microwave...or other veggies and you can use the sweet potato at lunch. 
I have a feeling that a lot of the emotional stress and worry and anxiety that you have been going through is catching up and you might just be emotionally exhausted. Also...if you wait the 3 hours...until might be hungrier at that point. I know this is a lot of information...and it might be overload. Please know that it will get easier...and it will just become you will not have to think so much about all of it. It might feel like you do not want to think about it so much...but I promise it gets so much easier!!!
Let's talk about wine tomorrow...remind me!!! Hugs!!! You are doing great...:)

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Heather's Food Log #4

6:30 AM, two pieces of Ezekiel bread with PB (no yogurt pre workout)

7:00 AM workout, repeat sequence from last week. No cardio.

8:00 AM one scoop protein with vanilla unsweetened almond milk. Half cup of coffee with vanilla unsweetened almond milk.

11 AM cherry Lara bar

1:30 PM whole wheat pasta w/ half bag of steamed spinach 1 can black beans olive oil and spices.

2:30pm Cup of green tea, unsweetened. Handful of baby carrots and black grapes.

5:00pm handful of almonds (at doctors, temporary snack). Not a great snack, I know.

6:00pm broccoli, cauliflower, 1/4 avocado and 2 pc of salmon with olive oil. 1/4 cup of coffee with 2%milk. My friend cooked, I later found out the lemon /pepper seasoning she used had sugar. And she sprinkled Parmesan cheese on it. Not sure how I could have avoided this - but def consumed sugar today. But I did turn down the multiple times she offered dessert, potatoes and rice. Just worried eating that sugar I didn't want will have consequences for my body or mind.

9:00pm - 3 boiled eggs with salt and pepper.

Notes from today -
Painfully hungry in parts of today. Started period (finally). Hungry between 11-130 especially, and after dinner. Perhaps the hunger is just my stomach adjusting? I've had multiple bowel movements a day. Felt more urge to munch on snacks today,, but prob due to period. Green tea was a nice alternative to wanting a treat or latte.


I am curious to see if this next week your hunger tames due to getting your period. It could be your body adjusting...but more likely...I think it is the hormones that act up before our periods that create excess hunger and cravings. So, we will see as the week goes on.
How much PB are you using...not to measure...but just as a reference point for me. Almonds are a great snack...even if they are by themselves...because they are protein and good fat. Usually 20 almonds are a great snack. Again, not to count or measure...but just as a reference point. Great job in choosing not to have the dessert or potato/rice!!! And I understand the worry about the excess sugar...but you are did not know or have control over it and I am sure it was not too I am sure that your body and mind will be okay. The one thing to point out is that at 230 you had the baby carrots and grapes without any protein and those two items are higher in natural sugars. So, your blood sugar can spike higher without the balance of the just be aware of that in the future!!! I LOVE your choice of snack at 9pm!!! YOU ROCK!!!!!!!! If the eggs filled you up...maybe you can add them to breakfast/lunch /snack as a filler??? Again, we will see how your hunger feels once you finish your period...but we might want to be aware of the foods that satisfy you and satiate you so that we can use them when needed. HUGs!!!!


Monday, April 3, 2017

Heather's Food Log #3

Meal 1–8 a.m.

2 pieces EB w/ PB and fage 2% yogurt with whole almonds and cinnamon. 1 cup coffee with vanilla unsweetened almond milk. (Wasn't horrible!! Hah)

Meal 2-11am

Peanut butter and jelly Lara bar (was that enough??) I found myself being a little hungry around 1 o'clock. Don't know if it was cause I've been grocery shopping or had not been drinking enough or if that wasn't enough for a second meal

Meal 3- 1:15pm

Turkey Chili, Brown Rice + Garbanzo Beans (I ate half of what I made, very filling) with a few black grapes.

Meal 4 - 4:00pm

Woven Wheat's and Guacamole and LaCroix

Meal 5 - 7:00pm

Cherry Lara bar


Salad, greens were Watercress, Butter lettuce, and arugula. With tomatoes tuna anchovies two boiled eggs and green goddess dressing.

And 2.5 L of water. 😉

Today was a good day emotionally. My energy was up, but I did notice in the afternoon I felt pretty hungry, whereas yesterday I didn't.

Great day two!!! Your breakfast is great... so the Lara bar should be enough for a snack before lunch. Your body is going to getting used to this new eating so just keep paying attention to the hunger etc. And as we go along I will let you know if you need to tweak anything. But because your breakfast was awesome... I would not change the snack. Lunch sounded yummy... And I know it was filling but that might have been part of why you were hungry later... That you did not eat it all. Just FYI... You could have had the rest for the snack later with the crackers... Just a thought!!! What time did you feel yourself getting hungry in the afternoon? The one thing to recognize is that you did not have any protein for your later snack. The avocado is a great fat... But not a protein and that also could be why you were hungry. I am so glad your mood was better and your energy. That is wonderful!!!! You are doing great with the food... I am very proud of you... Keep up the great work. Good luck tomorrow at the doctor. Hugs...

Heather's Food Log #2

I love getting your first food log!!! I know right now is a very hard time for you emotionally and the fact that you are still committed to doing the food logs and the new eating plan is WONDERFUL!!!!!!! How did you feel food wise? Were you hungry? Did you feel satisfied and/or satiated? I know that due to how you are feeling emotionally, etc. it will play a part in all these answers...but I would still love to have you answer them exactly how you felt. Great job with the water!!!! you think you have been eating less sugar? If that is the you think that could be part of your feeling off/numb/anxious? Your timing of the meals was spot on...and I totally get that you eat over a certain time period. Everything looks, timing, water...yippy!!!! Keep it up, my friend!!! I look forward to hearing from you tomorrow. Hugs!!!

Heather's Food Log #1

Awake at 8:00am, out of bed at 9:30am...

Meal 1 - 10:30am
(need to eat sooner!!)

2 pieces of Ezekiel cinnamon raisin bread w/ peanut butter
1 cup of Fage total 2% yogurt w/ whole almonds and cinnamon.

Meal 2 - 1:30pm

2 chicken tenders w/ spices and olive oil. Handful of raw baby carrots and raw almonds.

Meal 3 - 4:15pm

Chocolate Vega Protein shake w/ Vanilla unsweetened​ almond milk

Meal 4 - 7:30pm

Salad, greens were Watercrest, Butter lettuce, and arugula. With tomatoes tuna anchovies two boiled eggs and a homemade vinaigrette. Two glasses white wine

Over the course of the day drink 2 L of water.

I shared with you some already about the emotional part, I woke up in a good mood, but is soon as I was alone I felt very detached. I didn't want to do anything and felt very numb and unproductive.

With the meals, I'm eating them over a 30-45 minute period. Like I started meal 1 at 10:30am with bread, and didn't eat the yogurt till maybe 11/11:15.

Oh, the last meal actually ended up being 845, my friend and I were chopping and talking and didn't sit down to eat until later

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Annie's Food Logs #24

Hi Deb,
Now that I have finished doing the food logs and feel great , I was wondering are you accepting new clients for your personal training? Was just thinking of you and wanting to get a good start to this winter!


​Hey Annie,
GREAT to hear from you!!! I would LOVE to train you and guide you to your exercise goals.  I can tell you would be awesome to seem very fit, strong and you have a great attitude...AND I know you are fueling correctly which will be exactly what your body needs to build the muscle!!! Let me know your thoughts...big hugs!!!

Let's start as soon as possible. Let me know your schedule and we can figure it all out. I am so excited to start weight training with you and building lean muscle and losing more body fat.

Annie's Food Logs #23

Hey Annie,
Good luck tomorrow...:)

It is interesting that celebration comes in the form of unhealthy does not have to...but that is how the majority celebrates most occasions...and yes...there is that reminder of how sugar can be just like a very bad hangover...or stomach ache...I do have a little "shit-eating-grin" on my face...heheheheee. Keep up the good work...and remember that the treats are also a part of life...:)

First day was AWESOME!  But there are new challenges for my diet. The pacu is a sterile environment.  So that means no snacks or water on the floor. We have a room where we can keep them but you have to have someone watch your patient(s) while you go sneak a drink or snack. But what's beautiful is they require you to take a entire 45 minute break! I'm still in awe. So my new schedule will be 0930-1800. Here's how today went.
0730- overnight oats with skim milk and raspberries
0930- pumpkin seeds and go raw
1330 - turkey with hummus and two pieces ez bread and carrots
1800- turkey and carrots
2000- protein shake with egg whites pumpkin cottage cheese and 1 scoop jay rob
I'm also relieved i didn't gain any weight back from this weekend. I know on paper i didn't eat enough but i feel okay.

Annie's Food Logs #22

Hey Annie,
My only suggestions would be to add some turkey to your lunch...and maybe a little more for your snack...I am not sure 1 egg will keep your energy up...and keep you satiated. Otherwise...YOU ROCK!!! Have you "liked" my Food Print For Life  facebook page? You will find a ton of recipes...I hope you enjoy it!!!

Okay boy oh boy these past 2 days. Friday was really just like any other day, ate good, and ate clean.
0630- 2 pieces ez bread with almond butter and banana
0930-larabar pumpkin heaven pie with go raw and a hard boiled egg
1230- chicken cacciatore home made one piece ez bread
1530- hard boiled egg, carrots, hummus
1830- turkey breast with hummus
2030- homemade chicken soup with tomatoes carrots and celery (I'm fighting a cold ugh!) And a ginger berry kambutcha
10/11: my last day at my current job before I start my new job Monday, today really was a struggle and I feel like I didn't eat very well for myself
0630- 2 pieces ez bread almond butter and banana
0930- larabar and go raw
1230- spinach lasanga  (my coworkers brought in food for me I felt guilty saying no)
1530- apple crumble cake and a piece of brownie
1830- went to wishbone with fam got the rainbow trout pan cooked and lots of greens
I really felt the sugar in terms of how it wrecked my stomach! There's that reminder you were talking about.

Annie's Food Logs #21

For your pumpkin obsession!!!

Vegan Pumpkin Chili  Print this Recipe!
Adapted from 101 Cookbooks

Few notes. If you’re worried about the heat, scale back a little bit on the chili powder. Better yet, add a little bit at a time and stop when you reach the desired kick.
I rarely make real vegetable broth, I use organic vegetable bouillon with salt. It might not be the real deal but it’s close enough.
Lastly, this recipe makes for a huge pot of chili, so either use your largest pot or cut quantities in half. Just remember that chili cooks best in bigger quantities.

Makes 12 servings (or more)

2 tablespoons olive oil
2 large yellow onions, chopped
8 garlic cloves, chopped
1 tablespoon ginger, peeled and grated
2 tablespoons chili powder
1 teaspoon ground cumin
1 chipotle pepper, seeded and finely chopped
2 green bell peppers, chopped
2 ½ cups / 10 ½ oz / 300 gr diced pumpkin
1 28 oz / 800 gr can of crushed tomatoes
8 cups vegetable broth
2 cups / 14 oz / 400 gr green lentils, rinsed and picked over (you can alternatively use black lentils)
1 cup / 7 oz / 200 gr pearled farro (or barley)
⅔ cup / 6 oz / 120 gr bulgur wheat
1 tablespoon tomato paste

Toppings: fresh chopped parsley, dollop of plain soy yogurt, a drizzle of olive oil.


In a large stockpot over medium heat add the olive oil, and onions. When the onions soften up, add the garlic, ginger, chili powder and cumin.
Stir well and cook for a minute or so, until everything gets quite fragrant.
Stir in the chipotle pepper, green bell peppers, diced pumpkin, tomatoes, tomato paste, and the vegetable broth. Now add the lentils, farro, and bulgur (stirring between each addition).
Bring to a boil, then reduce the heat to low and simmer. After 10 minutes, take a taste and adjust with salt and/or chili powder.
Simmer away for about 35-45 minutes or until the lentils and grain are fully cooked through.
If the chili thickens up too much, add more water, one cup at a time.
Before serving do your final adjustment with seasoning and water, if necessary.
Serve sprinkled with fresh chopped parsley, a dollop of soy yogurt and a drizzle of olive oil.

Nutrition facts

One serving yields 250 calories, 44 grams of carbs, 2.9 grams of fat and 13 grams of protein.

Looks delish! Will have to make the pumpkin chili asap. Love that you are helping me achieve my pumpkin fix! 
0630- overnight oats with almond milk and banana
0930-larabar and hard boiled egg
1230- 2 pieces ez bread hummus and carrots
1530 go raw trail mix and chocolate protein
1830- hard boiled egg
2030- chicken with tomatoes mushrooms onions and peppers

Keep the fall recipes coming :)

Annie's Food Logs #20


food log for yesterday:
0630-overnight oats, almond milk, banana
0930-hard boiled egg and larabar pumpkin pie
1230-two pieces ez bread with turkey and mustard, dried apples
1530-hummus and carrots
1830-protein chocolate cake slice
2030-homemade veggie soup with carrots, celery, spinach, jalapenos, and organic chicken

food log for today-
0630-overnight oats, almond milk, banana
0930-hard boiled egg and larabar pumpkin pie
1230-homemade veggie soup with carrots, celery, spinach, jalapenos, and organic chicken + Pieces ez bread
1530-hard boiled egg and chocolate protein cake slice
2000-homemade veggie soup with carrots, celery, spinach, jalapenos, and organic chicken

im feeling good, went for a run today, but good lord my cramps will be the death of me, they hurt so bad! Im really liking the assortment of foods im eating and feel good about my protein intake. Okay, so the protein chocolate cake is a work in progress but by the time i see you i will have a perfected one just for you because honestly it is very tasty! Its my first time using real 100% organic cocoa powder...learned its very bitter, but one of those applesauces added to the mixture seemed to really change it up and add a sweet moisture that's natural! here is a link to what it looks like-

its cottage cheese, egg whites, protein powder, cocoa, black beans, and now applesauce hehe 

have a good night :)


Annie's Food Logs #19

Such a great eating day!!! And we all need to have a treat once in a I am very happy you enjoyed the truffle...yum!!!
Be very proud of YOU!!

Okay so today was day one of my period and I really felt it on my energy level. Still got a run in but I didn't really feel great doing it. I was good through out the day without getting hungry before meals. Sometimes that happens with my cycle I'll kind of have a toned down appetite the first day or so.
0730-2 pieces ez bread, almond butter, 1/2 cup ez granola with almond milk
0930- larabar and Almonds
1230- 2 pieces ez bread with turkey and hummus
1530- one slice of protein pow post work out chocolate cake
1830- Protein shake with organic pumpkin cottage cheese egg whites and keifer
2030- tuna salad with lime vinaigrette and Kim chi soup from enso's
Hope you had a good day!

Annie's Food Logs #18


You are awesome!!! A perfect eating day...and I am so glad you got a run in...yippy!!!!

Another good day! I had a moment of weakness and tried a dark chocolate truffle my friend made. It was the size of a quarter though. felt pretty good through out the day.
0630- 2 slices ez bread, eggplant, 3 egg whites, 1 egg
0930-larabar and go raw trail mix
1230- chicken breast, guacamole,  brown rice, and beans
1400-dark chocolate truffle
1530 - applesauce and a spoonful of peanut butter
1830-1 can of Alaskan tuna, spoon of hummus, on a bed of cabbage yum!

Hope you had a good day too!

Annie's Food Logs #16

Hey Annie,
I am so sorry you had some issues over the is amazing when we are aware of how we want to deal with the emotions...some choose food...some alcohol...some drugs...etc. etc. Being AWARE is the most important step. Once we continue to see our behaviors...and they are apparent to makes us realize what we are doing...and the more that happens...we can tend to find other solutions. I am soooooo proud of you for knowing how good you feel when you eat clean...and for choosing to eat clean knowing that eating the cakes and cookies would not solve the problem...even though they would work for that the long would just lead to more stress and upset. You rock!!!!!! :)

just slept about 10 hours after working 3 twelve hour shifts, feeling like a new person! 

food log for yesterday 09/29
0630- 2 pieces ez bread with almond butter and banana
0930- go raw trail mix 
1230-vegan chili from hospital cafe with sliced avacado from home, side salad with goddess dressing from tjs
1530-go raw trail mix and a apple
1830- banana and go raw trail mix
2030-chicken fatesh salad from pita inn no dressing, hummus 

I felt like it was kind of a hodge podge mix with this days meals because i was on the tail end of my groceries. 

Annie's Food Logs #15

Another fabulous day!!! I am so happy you feel more energy...and are noticing when you need more fuel...:)
Have a fabulous day...

Deborah Stern

Hi Deb,
Sorry I didnt get my food log to you last night, work is catching up to me and I fell asleep!
Food log for 09/28:
0630- 2 pieces ez bread with almond butter and banana
1230-2 pieces ez bread with applegate smoked turkey, organic mustard, and half an avacado
1530-go raw trail mix and apple
1830-go raw trail mix
2030-grilled chicken with asparagus
Ill send you my one for today when I get home tonight :) so happy I am eating clean and healthy. I had some boyfriend troubles saturday night into sunday and it really made me want to kind of channel my emotions into eating. And of course, someone brought in a huge tray of cookies and coffee cake. UGH! But I wanted to stick to my meal plan and I feel good that I did.

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