Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Heather's Food Log #5

7:00am 2 pc EB w/ PB and 0% Fage with cinnamon and whole almonds. 1 sm cup of coffee w/ unsweetened vanilla almond milk

8:00am 30 minute walk with pup! 

10:00am 1 pc EB w/ PB and a few baby carrots. 1 sm cup of coffee w/ unsweet vanilla almond milk

12:30pm Whole Wheat Pasta with black beans, olive oil + seasoning. Side of green beans. 

4:15pm half serving of turkey chili, brown rice and garbanzo beans (toooo long between this and lunch! but I was stuck at the pharmacy for an hour). 

6:30pm Chicken Apple sausage with sweet potatoes, onions and purple cabbage with olive oil and spices. I was not hungry, no appetite and super tired. Not depressed tired, like actually tired. Maybe period or meds? Ate the rest at 8:00pm.

Water = 2 liters

Question: Is wine okay?

Very loose bowels and nausea today - thinking side effects of the medicine I took for the first time.



Can you email your doctor and ask about side effects/digestive issues that might happen with the meds...just to lessen the questioning of your symptoms? I am sure you are getting tired of wondering what all these symptoms are...:)
I might ask you to add some chicken or ground turkey...or other animal protein to the pasta. It might help to satiate you at lunch time. Please try and always have some almonds or a Lara Bar with you in your purse for those times you are at the pharmacy. I totally understand how that happens!!!
Remember that sweet potato is a starch, so if you can use butternut squash...which is just as tasty and you can get it in the produce section already cut and in a bag you can steam in the microwave...or other veggies and you can use the sweet potato at lunch. 
I have a feeling that a lot of the emotional stress and worry and anxiety that you have been going through is catching up and you might just be emotionally exhausted. Also...if you wait the 3 hours...until might be hungrier at that point. I know this is a lot of information...and it might be overload. Please know that it will get easier...and it will just become you will not have to think so much about all of it. It might feel like you do not want to think about it so much...but I promise it gets so much easier!!!
Let's talk about wine tomorrow...remind me!!! Hugs!!! You are doing great...:)

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