Monday, April 3, 2017

Heather's Food Log #3

Meal 1–8 a.m.

2 pieces EB w/ PB and fage 2% yogurt with whole almonds and cinnamon. 1 cup coffee with vanilla unsweetened almond milk. (Wasn't horrible!! Hah)

Meal 2-11am

Peanut butter and jelly Lara bar (was that enough??) I found myself being a little hungry around 1 o'clock. Don't know if it was cause I've been grocery shopping or had not been drinking enough or if that wasn't enough for a second meal

Meal 3- 1:15pm

Turkey Chili, Brown Rice + Garbanzo Beans (I ate half of what I made, very filling) with a few black grapes.

Meal 4 - 4:00pm

Woven Wheat's and Guacamole and LaCroix

Meal 5 - 7:00pm

Cherry Lara bar


Salad, greens were Watercress, Butter lettuce, and arugula. With tomatoes tuna anchovies two boiled eggs and green goddess dressing.

And 2.5 L of water. 😉

Today was a good day emotionally. My energy was up, but I did notice in the afternoon I felt pretty hungry, whereas yesterday I didn't.

Great day two!!! Your breakfast is great... so the Lara bar should be enough for a snack before lunch. Your body is going to getting used to this new eating so just keep paying attention to the hunger etc. And as we go along I will let you know if you need to tweak anything. But because your breakfast was awesome... I would not change the snack. Lunch sounded yummy... And I know it was filling but that might have been part of why you were hungry later... That you did not eat it all. Just FYI... You could have had the rest for the snack later with the crackers... Just a thought!!! What time did you feel yourself getting hungry in the afternoon? The one thing to recognize is that you did not have any protein for your later snack. The avocado is a great fat... But not a protein and that also could be why you were hungry. I am so glad your mood was better and your energy. That is wonderful!!!! You are doing great with the food... I am very proud of you... Keep up the great work. Good luck tomorrow at the doctor. Hugs...

Heather's Food Log #2

I love getting your first food log!!! I know right now is a very hard time for you emotionally and the fact that you are still committed to doing the food logs and the new eating plan is WONDERFUL!!!!!!! How did you feel food wise? Were you hungry? Did you feel satisfied and/or satiated? I know that due to how you are feeling emotionally, etc. it will play a part in all these answers...but I would still love to have you answer them exactly how you felt. Great job with the water!!!! you think you have been eating less sugar? If that is the you think that could be part of your feeling off/numb/anxious? Your timing of the meals was spot on...and I totally get that you eat over a certain time period. Everything looks, timing, water...yippy!!!! Keep it up, my friend!!! I look forward to hearing from you tomorrow. Hugs!!!

Heather's Food Log #1

Awake at 8:00am, out of bed at 9:30am...

Meal 1 - 10:30am
(need to eat sooner!!)

2 pieces of Ezekiel cinnamon raisin bread w/ peanut butter
1 cup of Fage total 2% yogurt w/ whole almonds and cinnamon.

Meal 2 - 1:30pm

2 chicken tenders w/ spices and olive oil. Handful of raw baby carrots and raw almonds.

Meal 3 - 4:15pm

Chocolate Vega Protein shake w/ Vanilla unsweetened​ almond milk

Meal 4 - 7:30pm

Salad, greens were Watercrest, Butter lettuce, and arugula. With tomatoes tuna anchovies two boiled eggs and a homemade vinaigrette. Two glasses white wine

Over the course of the day drink 2 L of water.

I shared with you some already about the emotional part, I woke up in a good mood, but is soon as I was alone I felt very detached. I didn't want to do anything and felt very numb and unproductive.

With the meals, I'm eating them over a 30-45 minute period. Like I started meal 1 at 10:30am with bread, and didn't eat the yogurt till maybe 11/11:15.

Oh, the last meal actually ended up being 845, my friend and I were chopping and talking and didn't sit down to eat until later

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