"I love Deb! She is super positive and extremely encouraging and I really look forward to seeing her every week. Deb not only keeps me on track physically, but gives me great advice about my eating habits and food choices, balances it all with tons of smart shopping tips. Training with Deb is a like getting a physical fitness, food education and therapy session all rolled into one.
"Deborah is a great trainer and motivator. Before working with her I knew I had bad habits. After her personal fitness training and nutrition counseling, I had all the tools I needed to break them. Deborah taught me how to eat more nutritionally-fulfilling foods and gave me a much-needed foundation for dynamic workouts that supplement my running. I would recommend Deb to anyone who needs a jumpstart into a healthier lifestyle." David Loreto
"I feel great! Before Deb, I’d been on so many diets. What she taught me was truly life changing. When I started working with her my blood sugar was up to 200, but within four weeks I got my diabetes under control and my numbers down to 89… promising signs that I might be able to get off my medications! I’ve lost so much weight that at my last doctor’s visit, all the nurses wanted to know my secret and I was more than delighted to share my Deborah experience." Beckie
"I went on Deborah's grocery store tour but since I already considered myself a "healthy eater," didn’t think I’d get much out of it …WRONG! Deb is a wealth of information: How to properly read nutrition labels and recognize the hidden ingredients that sabotage our goals. After the tour I started training with Deborah and within two weeks saw results. Deborah is the real deal and I’d recommend her services to anyone and everyone!" Kayla Marino

"I was frustrated, disgusted and extremely self-conscious about my body, especially my recent addition of the dreaded menopause middle. No matter how little I ate or how much I worked out, I couldn’t seem to get results. I’d worked with trainers before and never got much out of it but decided to give it one more shot – and I’m so glad I did! Deb is definitely in a league of her own. She brings a level of knowledge, enthusiasm and positive energy that is absolutely transformative. After seeing results within the first month of personal training, I was eager for more and even though I considered myself nutritionally-aware and knowledgeable, I signed on for Foodprint-for-Life, Deb’s approach to healthy eating. It proved to be a winning combination that I know will stay with me forever. Deb teaches you how to select and turn nutrient dense foods into simple, satisfying meals. She urged me to stay off the scale and to measure my success by the way I looked and felt. And I felt great! Stronger, energized and upbeat and I could tell my body was changing. In less than 4 months, I went from a size 14 to size 8. Ironically, all these positive changes happened while I was in the midst of a personal crisis that without Deb, would have left me physically depleted and emotionally depressed. It’s a powerful testimony to the power of healthy eating and exercise, and few people know how to help others strike that balance like Deb.

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