Saturday, April 22, 2017

Why I Eat The Same Thing Every Night For Dinner

Yes, this is how I buy my broccoli. In bulk. And frozen. Why? Because I eat a bag of broccoli a night along with a good amount of lean protein (mostly chicken) seasoned with olive oil, garlic and sea salt. And I eat that pretty much every night. Why? Because, for me, it is so much easier to know ahead of time that I have a base of excellent nutrients (broccoli) along with good protein (chicken) and good fat (olive oil and MCT oil.) This process, for me, eliminates the anxiety of trying to figure out what to eat when I get home. Having the frozen broccoli always ready in my freezer (research shows that frozen fruits and vegetables are just as nutrient dense as fresh and sometimes even better depending on how long the fresh produce has been sitting in the store) and having prepared the chicken over the weekend for the week allows me to relax each night. Do I get bored eating the same thing each night? Of course!!! So, what do I do??? Here is my theory: broccoli covers the nutrients and chicken covers my protein, so that is my base which stays the same. THEN, to make sure I do not get bored, I change the TASTE/FLAVOR. I have realized by my own experience and with my clients, the key to not getting bored is changing flavor and taste. When I come home, I ask myself, "What do my taste buds want?" Now, the way I prepare my chicken and broccoli is not going to win any prizes for presentation but it tastes great. I put the bag of chopped broccoli in a bowl and microwave for 5 minutes. I do not use water and I do not overcook it. You can steam it in a steamer, too. I chop a large chicken breast and put that in the bowl with the broccoli. Then comes the fun part, I choose one of the following:
1. Olive oil (MCT oil,) garlic powder, sea salt

2. Olive oil (MCT oil,) milled flax seed, sea salt 

3. Annie's "goddess" dressing

4. Sun dried tomatoes in garlic and olive oil, sea salt

5. JalapeƱo slices, olive oil (MCT oil,) chopped tomato, garlic powder, sea salt

6. Non-fat plain Greek yogurt, olive oil (MCT oil,) garlic powder, sea salt, lemon juice. This is like a creamy tzatziki sauce.

7. Trader Joe's Tuscan Italian salad dressing

8. Annie's shiitake mushroom vinaigrette

I have been made fun of how I eat for years. But I know what works for me and how to keep my body functioning on the right "fuel." If I have too many choices, it is overwhelming. Keeping it simple, tasty and convenient is what works for me. And with my clients, I help them find what works for them. That is the key to making this work for a lifetime. Find the way to eat healthy and enjoy the process, FOR YOU. I am here to help, so please leave your questions and thoughts.

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