Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Heather's Food Log #4

6:30 AM, two pieces of Ezekiel bread with PB (no yogurt pre workout)

7:00 AM workout, repeat sequence from last week. No cardio.

8:00 AM one scoop protein with vanilla unsweetened almond milk. Half cup of coffee with vanilla unsweetened almond milk.

11 AM cherry Lara bar

1:30 PM whole wheat pasta w/ half bag of steamed spinach 1 can black beans olive oil and spices.

2:30pm Cup of green tea, unsweetened. Handful of baby carrots and black grapes.

5:00pm handful of almonds (at doctors, temporary snack). Not a great snack, I know.

6:00pm broccoli, cauliflower, 1/4 avocado and 2 pc of salmon with olive oil. 1/4 cup of coffee with 2%milk. My friend cooked, I later found out the lemon /pepper seasoning she used had sugar. And she sprinkled Parmesan cheese on it. Not sure how I could have avoided this - but def consumed sugar today. But I did turn down the multiple times she offered dessert, potatoes and rice. Just worried eating that sugar I didn't want will have consequences for my body or mind.

9:00pm - 3 boiled eggs with salt and pepper.

Notes from today -
Painfully hungry in parts of today. Started period (finally). Hungry between 11-130 especially, and after dinner. Perhaps the hunger is just my stomach adjusting? I've had multiple bowel movements a day. Felt more urge to munch on snacks today,, but prob due to period. Green tea was a nice alternative to wanting a treat or latte.


I am curious to see if this next week your hunger tames due to getting your period. It could be your body adjusting...but more likely...I think it is the hormones that act up before our periods that create excess hunger and cravings. So, we will see as the week goes on.
How much PB are you using...not to measure...but just as a reference point for me. Almonds are a great snack...even if they are by themselves...because they are protein and good fat. Usually 20 almonds are a great snack. Again, not to count or measure...but just as a reference point. Great job in choosing not to have the dessert or potato/rice!!! And I understand the worry about the excess sugar...but you are right...you did not know or have control over it and I am sure it was not too much...so I am sure that your body and mind will be okay. The one thing to point out is that at 230 you had the baby carrots and grapes without any protein and those two items are higher in natural sugars. So, your blood sugar can spike higher without the balance of the protein...so just be aware of that in the future!!! I LOVE your choice of snack at 9pm!!! YOU ROCK!!!!!!!! If the eggs filled you up...maybe you can add them to breakfast/lunch /snack as a filler??? Again, we will see how your hunger feels once you finish your period...but we might want to be aware of the foods that satisfy you and satiate you so that we can use them when needed. HUGs!!!!


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