Monday, April 10, 2017

Heather's Food Log #9


Oh my friend!!!! Yep...right now there is a lot going on with you physically and mentally so it is hard to navigate which is related to what ...right??? So, the adventure continues...with the most important part of all...PATIENCE!!!!! Even though we said 3  weeks...we know this is a life process of figuring out how to eat healthy, exercise, enjoy friends and family, parties and work functions...for life. So...we have more than 2 weeks to work on this.  And when we go to the grocery store...we will find soooooo many new awesome foods for you. I do think that the meds and the depression and the situation at Thanksgiving and giving up sugar and other foods that have been sources of comfort and having to think about all of the choices is a lot for you...and I get it...and I understand. kind to yourself and know that you are on overload and the wanting to retreat and comfort...AND the wanting to go out and socialize ...AND feeling all the feelings you are feeling...and NOT feeling is confusing and again...overwhelming. This is the transition time...for the medication...and for the eating/exercise. And transitions are the hard part. Once you get through gets hang on...I am holding your hand through this so please feel me with you. :)
I Love that you got the salad and know that is a big change...and that is something to be proud of. Do you think some of the choices are rebellious? If so, what do you think that might be about? I definitely have experienced that in my life with food...and it is such a weird phenomenon because I always realized AFTER the fact that I was the only one who ended up getting "hurt" by the choice. But I was very aware that I was acting out. 
I wonder if the almonds as a snack are not satisfying or satiating enough. Could you add some dried apples or dried apricots (both with no added sugar...they are both very nutritious and can be found without added sugar) to the almonds. Eat more almonds than the fruit...but I think you need something more for the snack. Or maybe try the RX bar..they are very good!!!
Keep making those salads...that is awesome!!! Let me know what you think about all of this...hugs!!!!

Interesting about rebellion. I don't think so - but maybe it is? 
I think emotionally I feel stuck and tired. So that is making my willpower lower -- was it dumb to try to tackle this while I'm still getting a grip on my depression? On one hand, maybe it is keeping me off the deep end. On another, it feels like another overwhelming area. I find myself not caring, even though I know I do care, I just can't be bothered to give it energy from what feels like such a small resource of energy. 

I think it is the right time because good, healthy food is what we need to survive and thrive. You do not have to be perfect with this...but I think if you can be patient...go slow...stay exercising one day a week with me...keep logging your food...without too much will help keep you focused and help keep you on a healthy path. It might be too easy right now to just eat bad food and not get a lot of movement...and we both know that the best things for depression are movement/breathing and getting the right nutrients. I think you are doing the right thing by continuing the great job that you have started on this journey to improving your health.

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