Monday, April 24, 2017

Heather's Food Log #11- How much olive oil/salad dressing should I use? Is coffee a treat?

Hey Heather,
I do try to see the positive sides of life and struggles, etc. but I also try to be realistic...and when I see how much you have and are improving...and how hard you are working at this...and how much you want it...yet, I l know you have forces greater than you also pushing on you (depression/chemical imbalances)...I need you to see what I see...because I know how hard you can be on yourself (I am the same way with myself) and we need to make sure to see all the good sides...I know you are seeing them as well...but I am just going to share what I see from my side...and I see so much good in what you are doing. I KNOW...sappy...but soooo true!!! :)
Right????? Goddess dressing???? Good enough to drink!!! So...I have learned that olive oil and the dressings can get a little out of hand. I have a heavy hand with them, too and I realized a while ago that if I just drizzle...instead of actually is just as tasty and does not need much more. I use sea salt, garlic, pepper, etc. and that makes it even better. So, just see if you can drizzle and find the amount that is tasty without a heavy pour. Also, the goddess dressing comes in a "lite" BUT I think it is just that they added more water because it comes out kinda gloppy...but it is half the calories than the regular...just sayin'...heheee. I would stick with the regular one and just use the drizzle method.
So...If I asked you to not have a treat every day...but once a week...what would you say? If I asked you to have a treat every day but just in the early afternoon...what would you say? if I asked you if you are someone who is better off having a treat everyday...or once a week...or just staying away from them until special occasions...what would you say?

I think the hardest part of the "treats" is the coffee. If I didn't count coffee as a treat, then I could totally do once a week. But is that going to mess up the whole system? It's just hard to think about coffee once a week, and then no other treats. 

9am - 2pcs Ezekiel bread w/ PB

12pm - Lara bar 

1:30pm - vanilla latte 

2:00pm - handful of almonds to tide me over since I'd be late on my next meal 

4:00pm - quinoa bowl w/ beans, kale, tomatoes, hummus and goddess dressing. 

6:00 coffee w/ 2% milk and a little sugar (Sam's aunt's special coffee) 

7:00pm - handful of almonds 

10:00pm - 2 hard-boiled eggs 

Did today's food work for you with feeling satisfied and satiated? It seemed a little light on food...but if you felt satisfied and satiated...then that is great!!!
Coffee is not a bad is what we put in the coffee!!! Have you tried liquid stevia drops? I wonder if that with whole milk and vanilla extract would taste good? If you find something like that where you can enjoy the taste and feel satisfied...that would be great. If not...let's keep playing around with coffee ideas. Does it have to be hot?

Yeah I felt great today. Lunch especially was really filling. I even deep cleaned my whole house, so I was moving-- but not hungry. I mean I was hungry when my meal times came, but didn't feel un-fulfilled. When I'm sleeping in later it's weird to have such a late lunch, and then eat a big dinner. 
If I make coffee at home, it's super easy to make it normal and have some almond milk. That's great. It's when I want a latte from my favorite shop. I can try with 2% milk (all they have) and do the stevia drops instead of vanilla. Is that a "non-treat"?

That is great that you felt so good and had good energy...I love hearing that!!! And...hungry when you were supposed to cool is that???? heheheeee. :)
Yes...a regular coffee with 2% milk and stevia drops is a normal coffee...I have one every morning and I love it!!! I hope you like it...and can feel like it is a treat...even though it is just a good ole' coffee. I am so excited to see you tomorrow...sweet dreams...

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