Sunday, December 31, 2017



Well today was a real eye opener! 

8:30am Breakfast - cinnamon raisin Ezekiel bread, almond butter and almost a whole banana. Man was I FULL!!!! I had black coffee which wasn't
my favorite, but I will get over that! I am going to look for unsweetened almond milk/coconut milk tonight. And I found it when I went to Mariano’s. 

11:30am - organic TJs hummus and Mary's Gone Crackers. Yum! 
At about 1pm today I got hungry, but i dealt with myself and had some green tea. 

2:30pm - I made TJs brown rice, Channa Masala and added rotisserie chicken. God so f-omg good. I feel like I shouldn’t be eating this stuff haha!

4pm - wasn’t hungry for a snack
5:45pm- 2 chicken lime patties from Trader Joe’s with guacamole and broccoli slaw with goddess dressing! It was so good! 

I want to eat fruit but I’ll just wait until my banana Ezekiel Bread tomorrow!

I’ve been so thirsty all day, so weird. I’ll keep chugging water. Eating like this is makes me feel good already. Walking down the isles of Trader Joe’s and Mariano’s today and lunch and this evening was torturous. There is shitty sugar infused foods EVERYWHERE. Ugh. 

Last night was a real eye opener for me when you came over and explained everything. I thought I was a healthy eater before, gosh Was I wrong. Paul is the best because he is so encouraging and doing this with me! 

I’m headed to soul cycle tomorrow morning at 6am so I hope I have fuel in my body to push through. I don’t plan on eating before or should I? I also am trying body pump out tomorrow with one of my friends. 
I am so thankful I found you! Don’t be surprised if you start hearing from my friends! Talk to you soon! 
Big hugs!

I LOVED reading this!!!!!!! Ohhhhh I loved it!!!!

I am so proud of you for knowing that being full was probably going to happen and then still having your snack at 1130. See, if you had not had the snack, you would have been soooooo hungry at 1...and waiting for the 230 lunch would have been very hard and uncomfortable and that is what we want to avoid. So, GREAT job waiting for the 3 hour mark at 245!!!

I am soooooo thrilled that you are enjoying the food...that makes me soooooo happy!!! Isn't it crazy that for so long we have thought  that eating healthy and clean/correctly means we cannot love how it tastes??? We can have great tasting food and it CAN be healthy, easy and convenient...what a concept, right???

Your timing today was PERFECT!!!! You ate when you were hungry and were able to wait until it was cool.

Broccoli slaw!!! Goddess dressing!!!! Chicken Lime patties!!!! Score!!!!
Great call waiting until the morning for the fruit. A handful of nuts might do the trick??

There is definitely more sodium in the foods you are eating, so make sure to drink more water and try not to use any extra sodium.

Knowing you feel better already is MUSIC to my ears!!!! And I LOVE that Paul
is sooooo supportive and that he is doing this with you...fantastic!!

It is insane the amount of food with sugar and bad fat in the ingredients, right???

You have no idea how much it means to me to have you say that our nutrition session last night was such an eye opener...and that you learned so heart is so full of warm fuzzies from you saying that ...I love that we are working together.

Can you maybe have 1 slice of the Ezekiel bread with almond butter BEFORE the class and the other slice with almond butter and banana AFTER the class??? Or have a Lara Bar before the class...or 1/2 of one??? I would love to have your body fueled with a light snack so that your body can burn fat and not muscle. Without fuel in the body, it can end up using muscle as fuel instead of fat...if the body is "empty." Does that make sense??? are doing soul cycle in the morning and body pump at night? Can you explain why the 2 in one day? :)

You rock!!!! I am MORE thankful for you!!! I would LOVE to hear from your friends. Also, I do "Deb Approved" girls nights with "Deb Approved" snacks and a nutrition workshop. They are a ton of fun and informative. If you and your  friends  would like to do that...let me know!!! And any of your friends who would like to feel as good as you are going to feel and look as good as you are going to look...have them call or email me...I appreciate the referrals....sooooo much!!!!

Hi! You didn’t have to reply so fast! I am about to go to bed bc of soul, but I’m doing two classes by accident. Should I not go to bodypump tomorrow? I told two friends I’d workout and they fell on the same day. I will write tomorrow. You’re the best! Thanks! 
Tomorrow I’m going to work on less sodium! 

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