Monday, April 3, 2017

Heather's Food Log #1

Awake at 8:00am, out of bed at 9:30am...

Meal 1 - 10:30am
(need to eat sooner!!)

2 pieces of Ezekiel cinnamon raisin bread w/ peanut butter
1 cup of Fage total 2% yogurt w/ whole almonds and cinnamon.

Meal 2 - 1:30pm

2 chicken tenders w/ spices and olive oil. Handful of raw baby carrots and raw almonds.

Meal 3 - 4:15pm

Chocolate Vega Protein shake w/ Vanilla unsweetened​ almond milk

Meal 4 - 7:30pm

Salad, greens were Watercrest, Butter lettuce, and arugula. With tomatoes tuna anchovies two boiled eggs and a homemade vinaigrette. Two glasses white wine

Over the course of the day drink 2 L of water.

I shared with you some already about the emotional part, I woke up in a good mood, but is soon as I was alone I felt very detached. I didn't want to do anything and felt very numb and unproductive.

With the meals, I'm eating them over a 30-45 minute period. Like I started meal 1 at 10:30am with bread, and didn't eat the yogurt till maybe 11/11:15.

Oh, the last meal actually ended up being 845, my friend and I were chopping and talking and didn't sit down to eat until later

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