Thursday, April 6, 2017

Heather's Food Log #6

7:30am 2 PC Ezekiel bread w/ PB

10:30am lemon Lara Bar

12:00pm - great workout with youuuuu

1:30pm Blueberry raspberry strawberry banana coconut water w/ protein powder smoothie.

Pretty much all afternoon I was having mad cravings for something sweet. At the grocery store it took everything out of me to not get some fresh cookies.

3:30pm handful of almonds

6:45 large PC of salmon w/ dill and olive oil, side of sauteed kale and broccoli.

8:00 25 min walk.

9:30pm Lara bar

10:30pm - stopped at Arby's. 😬 I did really think about it before I got something. But I actually could hardly eat anything I ordered because it made me sick. Haha. So I had half a ham and cheese sandwich, like 4 fries and two bites of a turnover. So this is good for me to know next time I have cravings I can remind myself I didn't even really enjoy it.

Water- only 1.5 L

Today was the first day I really had to deal with cravings as intense as I did today. I think partially because I was in situations I hadn't planned for - whereas as when I'm eating with friends or eating out I've come in with a game plan. Maybe the cravings are higher due to my period as well?

The positive side, I'm glad I'm learning and really glad I've stopped making "treats" multiple times a day. The 60 min clip you mentioned talked about how with sugar you eat so much and then you have to eat more to get the same pleasure. I was def seeing that in my life. I'd want more and more of things - the daily coffee shop used to be a donut was a treat, then it was daily, then I wanted more than just a single donut. So even if I have occasional treats and splurges- I know big picture I'm doing so much better for my body and really being aware and on purpose when I do have a treat. I think that's a big shift for me -- and really what makes this a lifestyle rather than a crash diet.

Also - we forgot to talk about wine. I have a client Mtg for drinks Monday, so I'd like to know how to prepare for that.

Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuu.


Shit!!! We forgot the wine talk!!! Can you talk on the phone for a few minutes later today or tomorrow? It would not be a long talk...but it might be easier to explain my example of my own experience with wine...and also explain the options. If not, I will try and explain it in an email...:)

GREAT job with ARBY'S. That is what I love...when you cannot finish the foods that once we used to love and have no problem eating a ton of...or when it makes us sick. See, here is my masochistic (sp?) side again...heheheee. And remembering how this felt is what counts. Awesome!!!!

Sugar. Yep...sugar. Evil, white crap. Cocaine...but sugar is more addictive, they say...and it has been the force it has on our physiological bodies is intense.  So, it makes it very important to get to know how it affects your own body. As you go will see and feel what gives you the most intense cravings. I can feel that even when I have body starts craving more sugar. Some people feel that way...some do not. So, just pay attention. Were your cravings more intense after the shake...or before the shake? If after the shake, then you might want to have 2 scoops of protein to balance out the fruit. 
Please try and get more water!!! :)
Also, if you have any the documentary "Hungry for Change." It is also a great study on sugar and food.
Good luck this weekend at home. Just pay attention to whether you actually WANT the treats before you have them. If you are not CRAVING them...see if you can go without and just enjoy the company of your family without having to include the treats as part of the enjoyment. When I learned that I could be at holidays and parties with my friends without having to indulge in the foods/treats as a given/package/part-of-the-fun it was a relief because I did not feel stressed about having to be around the food without eating it...I knew I was there for the warmth of family and friends...the comfort of being with people I loved and the celebration of the holidays without feeling bloated and crappy...yet feeling fulfilled and satisfied with love in my belly!!!!! Keep up the great work!!!!Hugs...

Hey!!! I know you are busy with family...but I just wanted to check in and see how things are going. No pressure to write back right away...just thinking about you...:)

Hey! Thanks. Yesterday I actually felt pretty ill, slept a lot - but didn't eat very much. So I probably won't send a log as I have no idea the times or anything. Feeling a bit better today, still nauseated though. But just finished making s great salad to take to a friends house to have a healthy option.

Sorry you did not feel good yesterday but happy to hear you are feeling better today. I am so proud of you for thinking ahead and bringing a healthy salad tonight ...that is awesome!!! For tomorrow, with the wine...I suggest having one glass of red wine...and sipping it very slowly. Please have a lot of water as you are drinking the hydrate and to prevent yourself from drinking more than one glass (if you have more than one not worry about it...just see if you can stick to one.)  I will tell you my wine story when I see you Friday...:) Hugs!!!!!

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