Monday, November 27, 2017

Monday Morning Post: Ruby's dedication is so inspiring!!!

"Deb!!! I'm so sorry to text you so much while you are in holiday but look at my snack! I'm at the opera and it's intermission and everyone is drinking champagne and eating cookies. NOT ME!!😅" RUBY

AT THE OPERA!!! This is the best text/picture that I have received in my 25 years as a personal trainer and nutrition counselor. Ruby brought a yummy snack of sliced apples and almond butter...TO THE OPERA!!!

 We have been working together for a few weeks on her goals of feeling healthier, having more energy, losing body-fat and building lean muscle. She has been feeling so much better and loves  the "Deb Approved" food and the Food Print for Life plan . 

Thinking ahead to the opera house, she knew there would not be any healthy choices for a snack and brought her own favorite snack. When I received this picture and text tonight, I was speechless. 

My clients constantly fill my heart with joy and they constantly amaze me with their dedication and commitment to feeling better physically, mentally and emotionally through food and exercise.

 Wow, what a perfect way to celebrate  the Thanksgiving motto...I am sooooo thankful for Ruby and all my clients!!!!

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