Saturday, April 8, 2017

To My Blog Followers:

To my wonderful followers,

I have decided to change the amount of posts/emails/food logs that will be sent out to those signed up. Instead of getting a new food log each day, I am going to be posting a new exchange every Monday morning. This goes along with the significance of the old line, "well, I am going to start my "diet" on Monday!!!" You can start your week by reading my exchange with my clients and getting ideas and strategies to implement for the week ahead. And this way, you will have something good to look forward to on Monday mornings. Thank you for all your support...



Heather's Food Log #8

This is an interesting article because they mention depression is a sign of zinc deficiency. It might be a good topic to bring up with your doctor.  Along with all the other topics...oy, she is going to hate me...heheeeee.

Interesting read - I did see it mentions a multi-vitamin, which I am not taking. Would that be a place to start? 

Also - my thyroid test came back normal. And they said all the nausea and digestive/bowl side effects I'm feeling are normal, but should suppress soon. 

I am very happy to hear the test came back normal!!! A good multi-vitamin can not hurt. I like the brand Super Nutrition...Woman's blend. I will send you the link. You can also ask your doctor if she has a brand she likes...or if she recommends one with Iron or taking extra Zinc. I do not feel comfortable giving you those specifics...but I do know the multi-vitamin can help. :)

10:30am 2pc Ezekiel bread w/ PB and 0% fage yogurt with fresh berries and cinnamon and almonds. I slept in pretty late today. I was tired, but overall not feeling like participating in life. Drug myself though a few tasks at the office.

12:30pm large PC of salmon w/ green beans and whole wheat crackers.

3:15pm handful of almonds

3:45pm - cinnamon and vanilla latte w/ skim milk. I fought myself on this one. It honestly was mostly that I was feeling sad and alone in my apartment. I wanted to have a reason to go out - and the grocery store or gym didn't excite me.

5:30pm drinks w/ clients - drank a hot buttered rum and ate a beer salad and one piece of bread with feta cheese and oil. -- the frustrating thing is, I had a plan. I packed food to eat at 6:30 after the drinks, so I had options, I just didn't choose it.

10:30pm 3 steak tacos with onion and cilantro on a corn tortilla. Small horchata.

Is this what the "lifestyle" part looks like? When I'm home I eat super clean, but I allow myself to take meetings and have treats? It's absolutely SO much better than I was doing. But is this a healthy place to have my goal be? Like I wouldn't have ordered the beer salad at dinner with Clients. So I know I'm doing better, but I don't know if this should be my goal. On the flip side, how much of this seems harder because of my depression? Normal tasks seem hard and life sucking. Though strangely I'm really enjoying exploring making up fun salads. :-)

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