Monday, September 11, 2017



Ah, waking up sweaty. That time of year
6:30 One hard boiled egg.
        Smoothie: Ripple, Jay Robb, matcha, spinach, ice. 

11:00 Lara Bar 

1:00 Amy's Black Bean and Veggie burrito with guacamole. Strawberries with Greek yogurt. Three turkey meatballs. 

4:00 Lara bar
4:30 shoulder and arms with you! 

5:45 Peanuts and RXbar

9:00 Cauliflower rice with olive oil. Two turkey meatballs. 1 hard boiled egg.
Strawberries and Greek yogurt. Two "spritzers" (this is when I put half red wine half LaCroix in a glass, like a real classy lady). Really needed a drink. 

That was a lot of bars today, Lara and RX


How is your shoulder today??? You did a lot of heavy weights are getting MUCH stronger...I love that your body is being fueled correctly as we work together on your eating plan and we can see and notice a big improvement in your strength and definition!!!!!! YOU ROCK!!!!!!!
Turkey meatballs!!!!! My favorite. Where did you get them? Someday, you can try making them at home...I will send you a recipe that one of my clients created a few years ago. 

Yes, be careful with the bars. They are great for "emergencies" and right before a workout but having more than one a day (unless it is totally necessary) can interfere with our goals if we are not also doing a lot of intensive exercise along with the bar eating...VISUALS!!!!!!
Other than that...your food was great...your exercise was great...and I like your spritzer. Maybe one day you will just Spritz...and not Errrrr...:) Why did you need the drink so bad? Hugs!!!!!!!


 One egg. Turkey meatballs from Trader Joe's. Forgot to check them with you. The ingredients looked okay, but then again I'm still learning. It was mainly that I could microwave them and everything else I have to actually cook. Loving my tilapia but it's like an hour long process to thaw and bake. 
Good to know about the bars. The RX was great yesterday because I thought I would have time to go to the Whole Foods next to rehearsal beforehand, instead there were road closures and I didn't have time. 
Shoulder is a little sore today, but not too bad. We are being very careful. 
Yay on my spritzer! It's a way to make sure I'm getting my water! And yes, someday without the wine. Needed it because of dealing with school stuff and talking to my mom about wedding stuff.  A big oy vey. 


Okay, do not hate me or fire me for what I am about to tell you...
Here are the ingredients for the Trader Joe's turkey meatballs:

"Turkey meat, water, seasonings (textured soy flour, breadcrumbs [wheat floursugar,saltyeast], soy protein concentratecorn syrup solidssaltdehydrated onion, spices,garlic powder, parsley), mechanically separated turkey, onion."

Bad. Just bad. Half of the package is saturated fat and the ingredients are full of sugar and weird soy concentrate.  I know how convenient and easy they are...ugh...damn. Did you try the falafel??? The ingredients are "Deb Approved" and they are very easy to warm up. Am I fired???

I am sorry to hear about your students....that is a tough one. I wonder what would have happened if you did not have the wine in the spritzer? Just think about it for a minute...not to judge but would it have been food? Or something else to deal with the situation?  :) It is interesting to think about how we would cope...or what we would do...if anything. I just did some research for you about frozen foods that are "Deb Approved" so you can stop  eating  the synthetic balls. I am sooooooo excited about the Bumble Bee Talapia...but the only one that is "Deb  Approved" so far is the Lemon...but it sounds AWESOME!!!!! They say they sell them at Mariano's.

Let me know what you think!!!!! And the salmon Mojito from TJ. I I the only person you have ever met that gets THIS excited for this kind of stuff??????? Hugs!!!!!

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