Monday, September 25, 2017




Wow, how cool it was to not feel like Christmas was this out of control eat fest. But also, not some out of control restrictive diet. I felt super balanced in my choices and enjoyment. I made sure to find value in the people over food, and made conscious decisions to fuel myself well. Totally ate cookies, but also brought a hearty salad to eat and share. Only drank water and coffee (no alcohol or soda), but also ate bread. Made sure to eat a Lara Bar right before arriving to a house or party, but also ate a small serving of mac-n-cheese. Made breakfast of cinnamon rolls, but loaded up on eggs too. Overall, really proud of myself. 

Monday though, whew. I think I underestimated how much my natural instinct would be to keep eating. It is like I let my guard (intention) down, and got sneak (or snack!) attacked. I started my day with cheese puffs for breakfast. SO yeah, let's just let yesterday be a learning experience. One cool thing, I was at a friends house and ate some ice cream, and one girl said "Heather, you're eating sugar!" so my friends have totally noticed my change and commitment to it. 

Anyways -- good learning. Now, for today!! 

11:00am - 2 pc Ezekiel bread w/ PB and oatmeal w/ dried cherries and almonds w/ almond milk

12:00pm - iced vanilla latte

2:00pm - Lara Bar + 1/2 piece of pie + coffee w/ whole milk 

5:00pm - mahi mahi w/ mango salsa and salad w/ lentils and  Annie's goddess dressing

7:00pm - guac and chips 

8:00pm - sucker, smart pop, and glass of red wine 

1.5 liters of water 

As it turns out, I forgot how hard it is to cut the cravings when starting fresh. Though kinda cool to see how much easier it was when I was in a rhythm of doing it. 

Hello, my friend!!! What a fabulous Christmas present to yourself!!!!!!!! The gift of self-love and self-knowledge...yippy!!!! I love that you focused on the people and not so much the food and drink...that you did not have alcohol...that you were prepared with good food for you and others...that you ate before you arrived...that you fueled with good nutrients...and most of all...that you were very proud of yourself. Fantastic...:)

Here is something that has happened to me in the past...and I wonder if you felt this way on Monday. After a weekend/festivity where I need to consciously think ahead about food and be more controlled due to all the temptations that will/were at those situations...the day AFTER I get home/are finished I can end up going off the deep end with food. 

It could be a "reward" for doing so could be a "break me free of this control..." it could be "The temptations were so intense and now I am alone and I am going to eat the things I did not get to eat." So...I learned to make sure that I am aware of all of this during the parties/weekends/festivities so that I do not feel that need to go home and binge the next day...or...I make sure that I understand if I was too strict...or not aware enough of what I was doing. 

Do you think that any of this relates to your Monday?
Also, how much protein do you have at night? When you have fish...or chicken, etc. how much do you have...not that I want you to start measuring...I  am wondering if you are having enough because there seems to still be a need/want/craving for starch at the end of the night...and I just want to see if we can work on what that might be!!!
I love hearing from you...:) Hugs!!!!!


12:00pm - 2 Ezekiel bread w PB

2:00pm - 60 mins of cardio. 45 mins at 160 HR, 15 min of just walking. Stretched after. I forgot my HR monitor, so I used the one on the machine (that I had to hold), is that an ok alternative? I was surprised how much I had to constantly move the level and incline up and down to keep my HR at 160. While I was glad to get moving, I was a little disappointment my "endorphin high" didn't last more than an hour.

3:00pm - Lara bar 

4:00pm - felt cravings - protein shake with cherries, mango, flax seed and almond milk.

6:00pm - burger and fries. This was a conscious and intentional treat. 

To your email this morning, I think it makes 100% sense about wanting to binge the day after a weekend of trying to hard to plan and restrain myself. Glad I know to look out for that in the future. 

It was sooooooooo good to see you at the gym today!!!!! I am sorry that the endorphin high did not last longer. Do you think it was the type of exercise...or just the intensity...or just this day?

 I do not love trusting the handles on the treadmill...I feel like they are used so much and that sometimes they are not always I always use my own, which I trust 100%. at 3pm...right after your workout...I would have had a lunch instead of a snack. Since you had a late breakfast...and then you only had breakfast in your body as fuel...and then you used it during your you needed a meal after the workout...and that is why you had cravings for more food. 

With only a small amount of food in your body...due to eating a late want to make sure the next meal is a lunch/ your body has fuel...and enough to satisfy and satiate. Does that make sense? I am so glad that you enjoyed an intentional yummy  meal!!! And I like knowing that you are aware of the Monday situation. Big hugs!!!!

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