Monday, April 17, 2017

Heather's Food Log #10- food planning creates a sense of purpose when dealing with depression


9:30 2 PC Ezekiel bread with PB. no yogurt, was not feeling like eating at all. Had to force myself to eat the bread.

12:30 quinoa bowl w/ hummus, black beans, pumpkin kernels and broccoli. And olive oil. :-) very yummy.

2:30 a scoop of hummus with veggies

4:00 smoothie w/ cherries mango almond milk yogurt and protein powder

I know I should've eaten another meal - but I've been in bed since 7:30pm and never got up to eat. Had to talk myself out of lots of treats today. Emotionally a pretty dull / rough day.

Water 1.5 liters.

Hopefully tomorrow is a better day.

I am so sorry you are feeling so low. I am just sooooo proud of you for eating such good foods at a time when I know you might not want to. Your lunch sounds mouth is watering!!!
How was the smoothie? Did you feel satisfied with the sweet and cold? I do like 
the fact that you tried the hummus and veggies instead of the almonds as your snack. And the food today was perfect... great nutrients and combinations. So, it is okay that you did not get anything at 730...and you resisted the treats...and drank 1.5 liters of water. This was a good day!!!

7am -2pc Ezekiel w/ PB 

7:30am - 45 min workout at gym. 10 mins cardio warm up. 

10:00am - I tried a almond milk latte thinking it would be a good compromise,  it was gross. So I got an americano w/ a splash of half and half. Still better than a vanilla latte w/ whole milk -- which is what I really wanted. Hah. 

11:15am Lara bar (oops on timing, I forgot). 

12:30pm - 2 cups of Garretts popcorn. But I measured out what I wanted and gave the rest of the bag away as to not overdue it. Or eat out of habit. 

2:00pm - protein shake and Lara Bar. This meal was hard to eat. Not sure if I had no appetite or if this was not a real meal. Ha 

5:00pm - salad (kale, spinach, and dressing) w/ corn and pumpkin kernels and celery and black beans and 2 boiled eggs. With goddess dressing. 

(Should I have planned another meal at 8pm?)

10:00pm - pizzzza. :-( I was having the worst yet leg pain, and so I 100% know this was emotionally fueled. I was grumpy and in pain and just wanted something comforting. So I ordered a cheese pizza and watched Christmas movies. Sadly I felt sick after. 

2 liters of water 

Overall today though, I have been really grateful that I stuck with the food planning because it gives me a sense of purpose. I did meet with my therapist today and we set a few other obtainable goals for me to help what I can choose during this season until the medicine kicks in. 

Hey my friend!!!
So...a few questions:
When you say the meal was hard to eat...what do you mean? Besides having no appetite...
Can you relate the leg pain to anything? Do you think it was from working out?
Do you like the goddess dressing?
Okay...questions finished!!!
Great job with the attempt at trying the almond milk latte...sorry it was so gross. :( Think about using 2% milk in your coffee as an alternative to the others, as well. If you like it...that is also a good choice. I am proud of you for having the americano...:)
I have a feeling if you had another meal or snack planned at 8pm...the pizza might not have happened. You probably were not very satisfied from the 2pm meal...and before that...the only real meal you had was the breakfast. So, your evening hunger/cravings/emotions could have been heightened because your body was not fueled with the right nutrients...and that along with the leg cramps might have been too much. Your dinner was awesome...but by that time it might have been too late to satisfy and satiate. And just remember...when we have foods like popcorn or anything else that is mostly starch/carbs without protein to even it can create the cravings later for starch...or it can make us more hungry later. I know we cannot always have protein...or have it with us...but if you even had a few almonds with you...adding it to the popcorn can be helpful. Just a thought...:)
FABULOUS water day!!!!!
I LOVE that you feel that the new healthy eating and planning is helping you to have another purpose and that you are gathering other goals to help get you through this transition. What a wonderful to my must be very proud of yourself...I am!!!!! Hugs...

Man, you are always so positive. On one hand, I'm proud of me when I take time to think about all the good choices I'm making, ones I wouldn't have made before - but on the other hand, I'm frustrated that almost every day I'm having a treat or making an exception. I know I def don't want this to be some extreme thing I maintain for 3 weeks, then fall off because it was so strict, but I have NO idea where to gadge my success. Is this normal? Is this healthy? Is this a good place to aim for? 


It was hard to eat, like I felt a subtle reflex to gag when I was drinking the shake. 
It was not from working out - different kind of pain, and I didn't work out those areas. Maaaaybe from the cold? If I'm really trying to relate it to something. 
I LOOOVVVEEE the goddess dressing. Went and bought more yesterday. Quick question - is it okay that I'm always really generous with the dressing and my olive oil usage? I know they are good fats, but can I go too far? 

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