Monday, April 3, 2017

Heather's Food Log #2

I love getting your first food log!!! I know right now is a very hard time for you emotionally and the fact that you are still committed to doing the food logs and the new eating plan is WONDERFUL!!!!!!! How did you feel food wise? Were you hungry? Did you feel satisfied and/or satiated? I know that due to how you are feeling emotionally, etc. it will play a part in all these answers...but I would still love to have you answer them exactly how you felt. Great job with the water!!!! you think you have been eating less sugar? If that is the you think that could be part of your feeling off/numb/anxious? Your timing of the meals was spot on...and I totally get that you eat over a certain time period. Everything looks, timing, water...yippy!!!! Keep it up, my friend!!! I look forward to hearing from you tomorrow. Hugs!!!

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