Tuesday, January 23, 2018


Hey Colby,
So...a few great lessons being learned...this is the best part!!!

One...yes, when we have a smaller breakfast with less protein, we tend to get hungry and feel less satisfied. And adding the cottage cheese to dinner is a great way to make sure you feel satisfied and it added some berries for nutrients. 

You can still add extra veggies on your burger or as a side to make sure you are getting good nutrients in the day.
Do you ever do protein shakes? 

Look at the one on the recipes I gave you from Food Print for Life. That is a great way to get a ton of nutrients into your day in one large blender!!! Especially if you are not too hungry and want something you can take with you.

I love that you feel you are getting the hang of it.. Are you bored with the foods? Do you feel you are missing/craving anything? How is your energy?

Going out of town can be tricky but bring a lot of RX Bars/Lara Bars, nuts and other snacks you can have that are good and clean. You can even bring a box of Mary's crackers and a jar of PB if you feel comfortable doing that.

 I hope you have a fabulous trip!!! Keep up the great work...you are awesome!!!

Hi Deb,
I've done smoothies in the past -- banana and peanut butter was a fav. I was thinking about working those in so thanks for bringing it up. I'll take a look at your recipe and make one next week.

These last few days I haven't been bored with the foods at all because I tried new things (i.e. The avocado thing and the turkey burger). I'm on the border of over using The avocado thing but I used the last one last night so I'll space it out now. It's the perfect dinner because it's fast, light, and delicious..

I haven't felt like I'm missing anything since I added veggies in. I like seeing my grocery cart and kitchen full of natural colors from fruits and veg. I had a couple small twinges of wanting something for dessert this week but it was more like a fleeting thought than a struggle.

My energy is good overall. I feel like I can feel my body more when I'm walking up the stairs, doing yoga, etc. I was really surprised yesterday that I was so hungry for lunch that I was a bit distracted during one of my sessions.. So yeah, good lesson!

I had planned to bring food with me but all I brought were a few Rx bars. Sam and I agreed we would go shopping once in NY. 

Now though, I'm a little worried about not having what I need and making decisions that are not in line with my goals. That's why I am writing to you this morning -- to support myself and for some added accountability. 

Anyhow, I'll update you on my first day out of town tonight. We are going to a Mexican restaurant and I already reviewed the menu online. 

Sam asked me if I was going to make an exception and have a margarita (his family is fond of alcohol). I struggled a bit with my answer but right now I don't think it's worth it so I'm planning to stick to club soda.

Thanks as always for your awesome support and encouragement!

Yep...the first time away from the "norm" and structure is always a challenge. I love that you are writing to me to talk this out!!! 

Are you staying with his parents? Will you have a car? Going to the grocery store is a great idea and very important. 

Just KNOWING you have food with you that you can eat back "home" or in your room is a great way to calm our voices of not having enough food and then eating the foods that do not make us feel good later. 

Can you explain to them that you are just not drinking right now and it is not forever but you feel so good right now that you want to continue this way of eating/drinking because YOU feel great?

I always bring a lot of my own food in my suitcase or bag because I know I will want it. When I tell people I do not drink, they either understand or they do not...and I am okay with that. 

And in the morning when I feel very proud of myself for making good food choices despite any pressure temptation...THAT feeling outweighs any feeling I would have with the few bites or glasses of food/drink that are not on my feel-good list. 

If someone was diabetic or had heartburn etc, no one would tell them they should eat cake or have a lot of greasy food....just sayin'... :)

I know you can do this and the more you do you will just get better and better traveling/celebrating/socializing and making it about the people and not so much about the food/drink.. Hugs!!!! Write to me ANYTIME you need to over this weekend...even if it just to scream!!!!!! 

His parents and sister reached out last week to ask what we want to drink. Sam told his parents I was on a diet and I told his sister that I'm taking a break from alcohol. They won't pressure me (they will likely think I'm secretly pregnant). 

The pressure will be internal from myself... but just talking it out with you helps me think it through now. Last year I went alcohol and sugar free for 3 months and I felt awesome! Without changing my other food habits I dropped 10lbs with almost no effort. 

So I know I can survive a Mexican dinner, just need to be clear in my own head. I've been having thoughts about allowing myself some chips and cheese (they are famous for this) but I also had the thought that my addictive behavior might creep in if I open that door. 

So I'll stay away from the cheese. Might have some chips with tomato salsa.
We are staying at his sisters. She asked about breakfast foods and I asked for Fat-free Greek yogurt and fruit. Also told her Sam and I were planning to run to the grocery. 

We are driving so we have our car!
Thanks, Deb!! I'll keep you updated. I appreciate you.

Hey...I love that you told them you were not drinking. Be careful with the word... DIET. People act crazy around people that are on a diet. 

You might just let them know that you are trying to feel more energetic, healthier and stronger. And by changing certain foods and alcohol you already feel much better. 

Those damn chips!!!! They are my devils. Once I start... I cannot stop. I usually just eat the guacamole with my fork when I go out for Mexican. If I have just one chip... I will not stop!! 

I love getting fajitas and not eating the tortilla or rice. I ask for extra chicken or extra veggies and put tons of salsa and guacamole on top. 

I am so glad you will go to the store. Be careful that they do not buy the yogurt with the fruit in the bottom. Once the added sugar come into our bodies we will just want more sugar and starch. I love that you are thinking ahead!!!

 What ever decision you make is okay as long as you have had a good discussion with yourself first!!! And me!!! I am here for you... Always!!!!

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