Sunday, March 4, 2018

Cindy's Food Log: Starch at night? Is your mood affecting your eating? Do Food Logs Help?

Hi Deb,
Here's my food for today:

Banana pancakes (so fun! I've never made healthy pancakes before -- they were good and I ate them all)
Topped with Greek yogurt and blueberries (reminded me of sour cream pancakes)
Ingredients: 100% almond flour, aluminum-free baking powder, sea salt, 2 bananas, 2 eggs, unsweetened almond milk, coconut oil,  vanilla

Rx bar

Avocado with turkey bacon, butter lettuce, and tomato, with olive oil
Woven wheat's sprinkled with olive oil, hummus and kalamata olives

I broke the starch rule again. I wanted something more after the avocado and I wanted it to be filling and substantial and not a vegetable. The woven wheat's went really well with the hummus and olives. 

10pm (I will eat this in 10 min!)
Apple with peanut butter

Do you think I ate enough today. The pancakes were very sustaining and the dinner was light and delicious. 

No mentionable thoughts about alcohol today except being aware that I would be writing something about it here. I did have the passing thought that if I wasn't being intentional about it I probably would have had something to drink this evening, just out of habit. 

I felt really sad today.. I think it's related to the weather. I just wanted to stay inside all day although I managed to get to a yoga class and ran a few errands. I realized that I've been recording my feelings in these logs off and on.

In addition to the alcohol log I'd like to be consistent about how I've been feeling emotionally each day. In the past my eating has been linked to certain emotions, although that didn't happen today. How would you feel about that?

I found it a bit disheartening that I remember writing to you day after day during the 3 weeks of logs and telling you I was feeling a bit down because of that terrible cold that lasted too long and then feeling this way again. I might have seasonal affective disorder. I want to keep an eye on that.--Cindy


I do think you left too much time between meals/snacks. I LOVE the pancakes...such a great idea and they sound yummy!!!!

But 5 hours between meals can only lead to cravings for something "filling" and something starchy and something that is probably going to be better left for the day time (Woven wheat's)  when you are moving and using the starch/sugar that will turn into fat if we do not use it up with movement like we do during the day.

I think writing about your feelings is great. I always love hearing a deeper level of what is going on and I also think that right now is the same point that you were at in the 3 weeks.

You might have gotten to a point in the "plan" where you are over the "thrill" again and you are feeling like you are being restrictive and you want to "break the rules." There have been a few days when the gap between meals has been longer and you have eaten the starch at night (corn tortillas can act the same as starch...turning into sugar which turns into fat when we do not "use" it. And at night, if we eat the starch, we just sit and then lay down and it has nowhere to go except to then turn into sugar and then turn into fat.) Do you think this is happening?

I could not see the menu with the smoothie the other day. Did it have protein in it?

I hope I answered all your questions. Please let me know if I looked over anything. I do love that you mentioned you did not think about drinking but it was also because you knew you had to write about it...I think that is pretty cool!!!!!! :)

I look forward to hearing how you feel...hugs!!!--Deb


Thanks for all your feedback -- I love reading what you have to say. 

As you figured, I do think ahead about eating/mood/longer term goals. Right now it's easy to make decisions because I'm committed to this plan. In the past, even though I could think ahead, it wasn't always easy to follow through on my longer term goals. It feels good that right now that is not an issue. I will keep a close eye on my food and exercise right now. 

I agree that I left too much time between food. Yesterday I was napping on the couch not wanting to do anything but I made myself get up and get an Rx bar for a snack. By the time I ate it I was still full from the pancakes but ate it anyway.

Do you ever have the experience where you take longer to eat between meals depending on what you had earlier in the day? Perhaps I should have eaten less pancakes so that I was ready for my snack.

I just realized that in an earlier paragraph I wrote "broke the rule" and in the ending paragraph I wrote I'm working on not thinking about these things as rules :) It was good to see that.

My thoughts when I ate the Woven Wheat's were something like, "I can eat a few Woven Wheat's -- I've been eating so good in general it's fine if I eat a starch at 7pm, overall it's a lot less harmful than what I was doing in the past." I know my inner dialogue described above doesn't line up with the point of the plan. But it was where I was at last night. I will keep in mind the point that the starch turns into sugar if we are not moving around. 

I will write about my feelings in each log -- so glad you want to hear these things! Today I am feeling much better. I did a lot of self-care yesterday and got a good night sleep and the sun is shining today so things are better. 

The coffee smoothie had hazelnut milk in it, which has more protein than other nut milks. Perhaps still not enough for a proper stand alone snack. The pistachio one is a better choice if I'm going to use it as a snack. 

My not drinking alcohol was not connected with thinking about writing it -- I meant to say that I only thought alcohol as a topic because I knew I would write about it in my food log and that led me to thinking how in the past I would have probably had a drink in the evening out of habit (not desire). Does that make sense?

Enjoy the sun today!
I'll write again later. --Cindy


I have eaten slower with certain meals and  adjust accordingly based on my hunger and what I had for that meal and what is going on for the rest of the day. I try and take the whole day into account...looking back and looking forward. I hope that explained your question!!!

This makes me so proud of you that you caught this because I did not...and what a great catch:

"I just realized that in an earlier paragraph I wrote 'broke the rule' and in the ending paragraph I wrote I'm working on not thinking about these things as rules :)"

Sun and sleep make for a much better day...on almost everyday!!!!

Yea, the amount of protein in the hazelnut milk is not enough. You can always ask them to add some nut butter or other nuts in the smoothie. :)

I love that you acknowledge that your thoughts were about habits and not desires. FABULOUS!!!!!! Hugs...--Deb

Hi Deb!
Here’s today:
Smoothie — frozen banana, unsweetened almond milk, yogurt, cocoa, peanut butter
This was tasty!

Black coffee 

1pm - lunch at coffee shop
Tree hugger sandwich - white bean hummus, portobello mushroom, spinach, red onion, mustard on white chibatta roll (they ran out of multi grain bread) — I peeled off the Gouda cheese and sucked the hummus off before discarding it!

I was working at a coffee shop and I forgot an Rx bar so found something with carbs and protein that I could eat. It was good.

Rx bar

8pm - dinner at Artango
Ahí tuna ceviche with avocado
Grilled red snapper with a couple potatoes wedges (they would not substitute vegetables even though I asked so I just had a couple and left the rest
2 glasses of red wine 

I went out with a friend to celebrate her success and she bought me dinner as a thank you for supporting her. Funny we went to a steak house since she’s a vegetarian and I ate fish. I wasn’t stuffed when I finished and I wasn’t hungry either.

Water: about 90oz

Exercise: 12,300 steps (including 1 he yoga class)

Mood: I was really content today. Felt good in general and the day seemed like it had a flow to it. I was busy and productive all day but not too busy. Made it to the dog park 3 times!! And to yoga which was really good.

Alcohol: I decided at the last minute to have wine. I hadn’t planned on it but wanted to share a bottle with my friend. I enjoyed it overall. When I got home I had a momentary twinge of regret but I really enjoyed it both before and after dinner.

Today I thought about dinner and the timing of it and worked backwards. So instead of putting breakfast off until I dropped off my dog at training I made the smoothie and drank it on the way to dropping him off and then went to the dog park.

This way I got more food in than I would have if I waited to have the smoothie until 11am. Then timed my lunch and snack accordingly.

Good eating day!
I think we make a great team too!!--Cindy


Great job getting out and taking a yoga class!!! 

Yes, this weather is not good for our moods. I feel it can lead to SADD or it can also just lead to less movement which is not good for the mind or body. 

 I always try and think ahead (and I think you do too) that the end result of eating because  the weather is gloomy or because it is cold and we are depressed will only lead to more depression/saddness, etc. 

I know it is easier said than done but if you know this is about the seasons, keep a very close eye and radar on your food and exercise everyday with more attention than you would in the warm sunshine. --Deb

Hi Deb, 

 I love that you love reading what I have to say...we are a good team!!! --Cindy

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