Monday, June 12, 2017


Hi Deborah,
  Hope your busy day yesterday went smoothly.  Following is my log for Wednesday, 

9:15am: Cinnamon raisin bread, peanut butter and half banana.  I also threw in a whole hard boiled egg...I passed a few of my old breakfast places today (as I do everyday) and I was craving an egg with cheese on a croissant.  The egg did help ease the craving a little.  So much so, that I threw an egg in with my breakfast today also.
               As I mentioned in my e-mail yesterday, I was feeling tired in the morning.  However, the good news is that my mood remained positive and I felt less bloated.

Noon:   I was getting hungry at 11:30 and looking forward to lunch.  I ordered a small salad from Specialty's (no dressing or bread), which has (very) small portions of the following: grape tomatoes, peas, green onions, mushrooms, sunflower seeds, slice of avocado, half hard boiled egg, strawberries and blueberries.  To that small salad I added half can of garbanzo beans, half can of cannelli beans  and almost a whole can of artichoke hearts topped off with a little Annie's Goddess dressing.  I had water and a clementine with my meal.  I was very satisfied and didn't feel overly full or bloated after this meal, was happy.

2pm:    At this point, I have a pretty annoying headache, which I've had off and on since the weekend.  Today it's to the point where I'm taking an Excedrin Migraine pill.  I'm not sure if the headache is due to the changing weather, or because I'm about to start my menstrual cycle.

3:10pm:   One serving of Sabra very spicy hummus and one serving of Mary's Gone Crackers - herb flavor.  What a great snack, spicy too.  More water to wash it down.

7:15pm:   Kristy's Black Bean Soup: can of black beans; half an avocado; half Roma tomato; squirt of fresh lime and a few dollops of yogurt.   By this time, my headache is gone, I'm still feeling positive and have a good amount of energy.

Hope you have a great day,

Hip, Hip Hooray!!! I am loving these food logs!!! You are so good at discovering what is working for you,  what you are craving, how to solve that issue with the healthy foods,  how to see the patterns of the meals to come (when hungry) and the way to make a meal satisfying by adding more nutrients/foods. You Rock!!!
 I am sorry you had a headache. I had a headache too, the precipitation is crazy. And yes, I love that you are also aware that ovulation brings on the symptoms that we have come to love and enjoy...NOT!!! :)
I love that you are feeling positive. I think the bloating is part ovulation and it could also be your body getting used to the new eating.
Please let me know if you are feeling hungry or bored or sluggish. It sounds like you are not feeling these things but if you do, I just want to make sure we solve the issue.
You must be very proud of yourself. This is just wonderful the way that you have been able to change your eating so easily. You make me proud!!!!
I will send you some healthy vegetarian recipes in the next few days.

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