Monday, November 13, 2017


Hey Cindy,

I want to explain something that I have learned and I might have explained it to you but it is so important, so I want to explain it again. You probably know this already but it is the part that makes staying on a healthy eating path essential:

When the body has the right amount of good calories ( I use "calories"  in this context because it is about quality...not quantity, ) the right amount of good fuel, the right amount of nutrients and the right amount of water, the body will not NEED/WANT/CRAVE the unhealthy treats on a regular basis. The mind will crave them once in a while because that is human nature...the smell....the visuals...the taste...the memories...these are all normal and that is what the treats are supposed to do.

However, if the body is NOT getting the right amount of good calories, etc. it will start to "starve" and the physiological body is going to start NEEDING the sugar/starch...not just a want but a NEED because blood sugars drop, the gas tank (body)  is only being given "water" (unhealthy, empty calories)  which prevents the body from working correctly.

When this happens, we start to veere off the path of healthy eating/correct eating...having a bite here and a bite there and then that bite sparks those chemicals in the brain (and those of us with missing dopamine/seratonin get hit HARD) and a huge rush comes and swoops in and there is no going back. We are now taken over by the physiological NEED the body has and those chemicals are too powerful to fight with the mind and we find ourselves back in the bad habits of choosing treats all the time and having a glass or two of alcohol every night.

I asked you  the question about why you think your body is NOT craving those treats, etc. right now because this is the KEY to not going into the same visious cycle that you have been on for a long time. These scientific facts of how the body has to have the nutrients/the right amount of fuel and the correct eating formula is the only way to make sure you do not start to dip or slip with old habits.

Your body is not craving those treats, etc. right now because you are being so good to your body. You are eating correctly. You are fueling your body with the right amount of good calories, you are drinking water and moving your body. That is why you feel so good. Now, at this point, we have to be very careful. I read your food log from yesterday and it seems like you did not eat enough good fuel.

At this point, I have had a lot of clients who start to feel some changes and when that happens, they think/want even more changes and they think/want to start cutting more fuel/calories. It is just human nature. We see/feel our pants getting looser and we want even we make more changes and start depriving the body of fuel or increase our exercise.

Sometimes we are not even aware that we are doing this. The problem is that the minute we start to screw with what is already working and what is best for the body everyday to function and what is healthy, we lose. If it is not broken, don't try and fix it...that works very well in this situation.

If you are feeling good, you are making changes (maybe not as fast as you want because you are doing it CORRECTLY) and you can understand what I just wrote and have patience to know this is the ONLY way to continue making HEALTHY win.

You win the prize of knowing how and why the body works and how to make this a lifestyle. Eating correctly will keep you where you want to be with your weight/bodyfat/pants and with good energy/strong muscles/clarity/confidence. Reading your food log from yesterday made me a little nervous. I do not want to assume anything but I want to know if you were aware of eating less....were you thinking about it? I know you said you were not hungry. But I want to make sure that we keep talking about how you feel and think right now.

I know that I have had times in the past where I just want more. I want more loss or more muscle or more time in the gym and I can go overboard and then I crash and burn. I want to help you and be here for you to get over that hump...if that is where you might be...or go...or just want to prevent that from happening. I am here for you...


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