Monday, June 5, 2017


Happppppyyyyyy Friday!  Yesterday was a good day and I noticed something amazing...I haven't had a blood sugar issue in over a week.  Prior to my meeting w/you, I would have low blood sugar episodes where I would get the sweats, become shaky and unable to focus/concentrate.  This would most commonly happen sometime between noon and 1:30 at work, but would also happened frequently on the weekends.  Being hungry is one thing, but when it's followed by the blood sugar side affects, the world just starts to spin, almost literally.  I realized that I feel so much more in control of myself/my eating habits...and I like it.  I have to confess something...I'm afraid of what will happen when I "go out on my own" and I'm not accountable for e-mailing you my food diary each day.  While I do like where I'm at, I feel good and I realize the terrible affect my old habits were having, I'm afraid that I'll slide back into my old ways (why am I getting emotional?  I feel like I could it the menstrual cycle?).  OK, now that I have expressed all that, let's move on to the food diary for Thursday, April 7th:
9:15am:     The usual: Ezekiel cinnamon raisin bread, almond butter and a banana with water.
10:30am:   Decaff coffee with more water (I've never drank so much water in my life)
12:30am:  Amazing lunch: left over quinoa/kale mixture from earlier in the week, 1 serving
Path of Life roasted garlic cauliflower, frozen/steamed, ate whole darn bag  added a few red kidney beans and garbanzo beans with - yes you guessed it - more water.  This meal was amazing with the mixture I made, the seasoned veggies made all the difference and I'm for sure buying this again!  I was on the verge of too full, but I had a lot of energy and felt good.  
3:40pm:    I ate the rest of my Food Print for Life yogurt parfait
Find the recipe on my blog. Just click the "recipe" button.
 mixture from Tuesday, even though I felt I could skip the snack, figured I probably needed the energy for my workout tonight.  More water with a half-caff. coffee
8:30pm:    I really really am not in the mood for dinner, but Deborah says not to skip meals.  So, I had a few plain almonds and some green grapes. Glad I ate - the grapes were refreshing after the workout and while watching the season finale of American Idol - I knew Trent Harmon would win!!!!!!!!!!!

Today for breakfast I mixed it up...(OK, so I have no more bananas or cinnamon raisin bread - sad face).  I had a serving of cottage cheese and 2 clementines ("cuties") and I feel pretty full.  Do you think I can put this breakfast in the rotation?  
I've been sleeping like a log and, as usual, having trouble getting up to the alarm.  Is there any diet in the world that can make me HOP out of bed in the morning?  LOL  Jim and I are spending the weekend at my place, which should help me stay on track through the weekend, and I'm looking forward to week 3 of sending my food logs to you.  I hope you have a wonderful evening and weekend, talk w/you soon.

Hi Katy,
I am sooooo sorry I am getting back to you so late in the day. I had a full day of clients.
Sooooooo, here is what I offer to my clients when they feel they might not be ready yet to go without sending  food logs to me for guidance and accountability and feedback (there are many clients who feel the same way you do, please know that it is wonderful that you can be so honest with yourself and know that you will be ready to go on your own but that is only when you are ready.) You can sign up to send me another month of food logs.  I encourage you to do this only if you feel the need to, also knowing that after one month you may feel secure with eating healthy and clean, knowing when to have treats and how it works into your life. You are NOT alone in this feeling. As I said many of my clients continue the food logs until they are ready on their own.
I am soooooooo happy to hear about your blood sugar levels being so even and calm!!!! That is music to my ears!!!! What a great feeling. You must be so happy and proud. Yippy yahoooooo...
As for the breakfast of cottage cheese and clementines, as long as you have a full cup of the cottage cheese with the fruit, you should be good. What I want you to do is pay attention to how you feel with that breakfast compared to the other breakfast. If you notice you are more hungry or tired during the day or hungrier at night, it all comes down to the breakfast. If the cottage cheese is not as satisfying or satiating, please go back to the other breakfast.
I LOVE that you had me in your head and had the small dinner. You rock!!
Also, if I could create a breakfast to make ME jump out of bed in the morning, I would be a rich woman!!! I HATE waking up to an alarm and always have, so, I think, for me, I just know that is how is goes and cherish the days I get to sleep in. So, to answer your question, I do not have the magic breakfast to make us hop out of bed like little bunnies!!!
Have a fabulous weekend with Jim. Keep up the amazing work with the eating, DRINKING WATER, and exercise. AMEN!!!

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